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ENT Hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore

The Department of Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) aims to provide high-quality medical care and treatment for the entire range of ear, nose and throat problems. The department boasts of an expert team of ENT surgeons, audiologists and therapists. Manipal Hospitals is one of the top ENT hospitals in Bangalore and is equipped with the latest operating microscopes, diagnostic video endoscopes and an audiology lab. This department holds the distinction of being the first ENT hospital in South India to introduce Radio Frequency Surgery for Somnoplasty (snoring) and Turbinoplasty (nasal obstruction).

Manipal hospital ent whitefield, Bangalore


Know About Us

Why Manipal?

We are a well-known ENT hospital in India renowned for our cutting-edge infrastructure, world-class facilities and amenities and highly-skilled, qualified doctors and dedicated support staff. Our well-trained ENT specialists perform advanced procedures such as Cochlear Implantation, various endoscopic surgeries, and pediatric airway surgery. We conduct neonatal screening to detect hearing loss in newborns and provide speech therapy to patients. Our well-trained ENT specialists perform diverse diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic audiology procedures.

ENT hospital in whitefield Bangalore

Centre of Excellence: ENT

Manipal Hospital is the best ENT hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore which deals with ear, nose, throat, head and neck conditions. At the department of ENT at Manipal Whitefield, we also provide excellent care in the Head & Neck Surgery field by covering all general surgeries as well as complex ones involving the head and neck region. You can consult with our ent doctor in Whitefield regarding these treatments.

The Otolaryngology department provides comprehensive solutions to patients aided by highly qualified and experienced specialists, who provide ear, nose, throat treatment as per international standards. The team works closely with other specialists to provide coordinated and planned care in audiology, cochlear implant surgery and rehabilitation.

Conditions treated at Manipal Whitefield

Head and Neck Disorders: Benign and cancerous disorders of the

  • Sinusitis

  • Allergic Rhinitis

  • Fungal Sinusitis

  • Nasal Obstruction(DNS)

  • Oral cavity

  • Throat

  • Larynx (Voice Box)

  • Neck

  • Diseases of the sleep and snoring

  • Otitis Media

  • Chronic Otitis Media

  • Salivary glands

  • Mastoiditis

  • Facial nerve palsy

  • Hearing loss in the elderly

  • Thyroid goitres and thyroid cancers

  • Choanal Atresia

  • Nasal/Sinus Cancers

Diseases of the throat

  • Laryngitis

  • Submucosal fibrosis

  • Voice problems

  • Tonsillitis/ tonsillectomy

  • Adenoiditis

  • Vocal nodules

Common Procedures Performed at Manipal Whitefield

Some of the common procedures which we provide at our premises include the below:


  • Mastoidectomy

  • Myringotomy and Grommet insertion

  • Tympanoplasty

  • Facial nerve decompression

  • Ossicular chain reconstruction


  • Septoplasty

  • Surgery for Choanal atresia

  • Endoscopic sinus surgery

  • Balloon Sinuplasty

  • Image-guided (Computer-Aided) Sinus surgery

  • Laser surgeries

  • Turbinate surgeries


  • Laser laryngeal surgeries

  • Throat Tonsillectomy

  • Micro laryngeal surgeries

  • Adenoidectomy

At Manipal Hospital we have the best ENT specialist in Whitefield, Bangalore who provide special services in the field of ENT & Head & Neck Surgery. They include:

Advanced Minimally Invasive Sinus Surgeries: We use image-guided navigation to perform minimally invasive sinus surgeries. These types of surgeries help the patient recover very fast and patients are sent home within a few hours of the surgery. The minimally invasive nature of the procedures also allows patients to go back to work or school almost from day three or four of the surgery.

Balloon Sinuplasty: It is a non-surgical procedure of treating sinusitis; it is similar to doing angioplasty of the heart. This is an ultra-advanced type of modern minimally invasive technique that helps patients recover very fast.

Coblation Surgeries: We are also equipped to perform the latest Earthcare collator to perform painless tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies in children. It can also be used with lasers to perform minimally invasive sleep and snoring surgeries.

Audiogram: An audiogram is a graph that shows the audible threshold for standardized frequencies measured by an audiometer. The hearing thresholds of humans and other mammals can be found by using behavioural hearing tests or physiological tests. An audiogram is obtained using a behavioural hearing test called Audiometry. For humans, the test is done using different tones being presented at a specific frequency (pitch) and intensity (loudness).

Tympanoplasty: A surgery performed for the reconstruction of the eardrum and/or the small bones of the middle ear.

Myringoplasty:  This surgery is performed to repair the hole in the eardrum by placing a graft made of either a small piece of tissue from the body or gel-like material. The operation is performed with the patient supine and face turned to one side.

Vertigo: Vertigo is a sensation that gives the patient a feeling off-balance. Characterized by dizzy spells, patients also feel spinning or that the world is spinning. Vertigo is usually caused by an inner ear problem. Vertigo is a symptom, not a diagnosis. It occurs due to the asymmetry in the vestibular system due to damage to or dysfunction of the labyrinth, vestibular nerve, or central vestibular structures in the brainstem.

Skull base surgeries: There are mainly two types of skull base surgery: Endoscopic or minimally-invasive skull base surgery and Traditional surgery (open skull base surgery). Endoscopic surgery usually does not require a large incision. A specialized surgeon may make a small opening inside the nose to remove a growth through a thin lighted tube called an endoscope.

Traditional surgery may require incisions in the facial area and the skull. The surgeon may remove the parts of the bone so that the growth can be reached and removed.

Dyspnea: It is characterized by shortness of breath, sometimes described as “air hunger.” The range of the shortness of breath can be from mild and temporary to serious and long-lasting.

Grommet insertion: Grommets are tiny tubes that can be inserted into the eardrums to treat conditions that affect the middle ear, such as recurrent middle ear infections and glue ear.

Mastoidectomy: It is a surgical procedure that removes diseased mastoid air cells which are formed due to an ear infection that has spread into your skull. The mastoid is the part of your skull located behind the ear. It's filled with air cells made of bone and looks like a honeycomb. 

Foreign bodies removal: Foreign bodies refer to any object that is placed in the ear, nose, or mouth that is not meant to be there and could cause harm without immediate medical attention.

Myringotomy: A surgical procedure in which a very small incision is made in the eardrum to relieve pressure caused by excessive buildup of fluid, or to drain pus from the middle ear.

Facial nerve decompression: A type of nerve decompression surgery where abnormal compression on the facial nerve is relieved.

Ear lobe repair: Simple, quick & effective ear repair cosmetic surgery for earlobes stretched by piercing or split earlobe repair for earring tears.

Infection turbinate reduction: A surgical procedure to reduce the size of one or more of the small curved bones in the nose, known as turbinates, in order to open clogged nasal passages and improve breathing.

The department of ENT at Manipal Whitefield is equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide the best possible treatment to our patients. The ENT specialists near you are committed to expanding the frontiers of diagnosis, treatment and research in disorders of the ear, nose and sinuses, throat and head & neck. The range of treatment covers simple as well as complex conditions like deafness, throat pain, hearing loss, nose reconstruction, pollen allergy and lymph node enlargement.

ENT specialist in whitefield, Bangalore

Facilities & Services

Services available under ENT are - Cochlear Implantation - Endoscopic CSF Leak Closure - Transnasal Paraseptal Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery - Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) - Phono Surgery (Voice Surgery) - Laser Surgery - Paediatric Airway Surgery - Otoneurological and Skull Base Surgery - Somnoplasty (Snoring) - Turbinoplasty (for nasal obstruction) - Neonatal Hearing Screening - Auditory Verbal Therapy. You can consult with our ent doctor in Whitefield regarding these treatment procedures.


An ENT specialist will be assigned to learn about your current condition and medical history. Thorough diagnostic procedures will be conducted, after which recommendations on the type of treatment or further tests needed will be announced. Patients undergo thorough analysis before further treatments or procedures are administered.

Major and minor surgeries at the best ENT Hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore, involve certain levels of pain and are mostly performed under anesthetics at safe levels. For advanced procedures, the patient is completely sedated to eradicate pain. The anesthetics used are administered carefully by professionals and are all proven safe for ENT-based surgeries.

Seasonal changes, poor air quality & age (children between 2 months and 6 years old are at higher risk, especially in a setting like a group childcare).

Symptoms are as follows:

  • Fever

  • Body aches

  • Throat aches

  • Difficulty hearing

  • Discharges

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Swollen or blocked tissues near the tonsils.

  • Mild pain in the ear, nose, or throat.

  • Fussiness in infants.

Symptoms of ENT conditions are vast and must not be overlooked. This can be well treated at the best ear, nose, and throat hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore.

A regular health checkup is important to be able to maintain optimal health. During these regular checkups, you can raise your concerns freely, to give you greater peace. of mind.

Some ENT problems cannot be prevented as these are caused because of genetics or other medical conditions. But most ENT problems can be prevented if the immune system is boosted and hygiene is maintained. Avoid crowded areas. It is also important to avoid pacifiers for infants. Wash your hands often. A team of experts at the ENT hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore will guide you regarding ENT problems and how they can be prevented. 

Contact us to know more about how to keep your ENT system healthy and book an appointment with one of our experts today!