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Orthopaedic Treatments


Orthopaedics is not just about the bones in your body. It is a line of treatment and surgery involving the musculoskeletal system, including degenerative conditions, trauma, sports injury, tumors, and congenital issues. At Manipal Hospitals our robust team of orthopaedicians and orthopaedic surgeons are geared to tackle the toughest of bone and spine-related disorders and conditions with the right approach to get you back on your feet in the shortest time.

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Why Manipal?

At the Centre of Excellence in Orthopaedics right from a fracture to a debilitating spinal injury, all bone-related conditions are treated delicately. Ultra-modern facilities and technology is put to the best possible use in treating the spectrum of orthopaedic conditions and our skilled orthopaedicians ensure you are up and mobile as soon as before.

Treatment & Procedures

Total Knee Replacement

Knee replacement helps relieve pain and restore function in severely diseased knee joints. Knee replacement surgery is almost the only way to get rid of severe pain caused due to osteoarthritis. People who suffer from problems in walking, climbing stairs, and getting in and out of chairs are usually the ones who need knee replacement surgery.

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This is a surgical procedure that removes the Lamina, the rear side of the vertebrae. The surgery is also referred to as a decompression surgery and relieves pressure on the spinal cord caused by overgrowth of bone (bone spur) in the spinal canal. Laminectomies are more common among older people who are prone to developing bone spurs.

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Total Hip Replacement

The hip is one of the largest joints of the human body. The joint involves a ball-and-socket. The socket is made up of the acetabulum, which forms part of the large bone of the pelvis. The ball is the femoral head, and it forms the upper end of the femur, which is the thighbone. The ball and socket bone surfaces are covered with articular cartilage.…

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This is a surgical procedure to correct misalignment in the skeleton where a bone is longer or shorter than its opposite. The misalignment is corrected by cutting or reshaping the bone to bring it back to normalcy. An osteotomy is often done as a way to delay or avoid hip or knee replacement surgery in the future.

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Pinched nerves…

Treatment for this condition depends on the cause and severity of nerve compression. Typically, pinched nerves are treated with physiotherapy, steroids (NSAID's corticosteroids, etc. However, in some cases, orthopedic surgery may be required to remove scar tissue or any other obstructive material that is interfering with the nerves.

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Herniated Discs…

This condition is also known as a ruptured or slipped disc. It irritates nearby nerves and results in pain, weakness or numbness in the leg or arm. The treatment for herniated discs is generally reduced activity, physiotherapy and surgical repair of the disc.

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Sports Injury treatment

Advanced surgical procedures are carried out by specialists in the case of complex injuries in the muscles, bones, and ligaments that hinder the performance of professional athletes. Various techniques and specialized programs are developed to treat and avoid injuries related to sports. Specialists aim to restore complete functionality to patients…

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Centre of Excellence: Orthopedics

The department of orthopedics at Manipal Whitefield is widely considered to be one of the best Orthopedic hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore that offers superior treatment for orthopedic problems. Issues pertaining to orthopedics focus on diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of conditions, including fractures and dislocations, sprains and strains tendon injuries, torn ligaments, arthritis and osteoporosis, bone tumors, and growth abnormalities.

At the facility of Manipal Whitefield, our scope of services in the bone and joint department also include sciatica, low back pain, scoliosis, unequal leg length abnormalities of the fingers and toes, bow legs, hammer toes, pulled muscles and bursitis rupture disks, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. In a nutshell, our comprehensive services in orthopedics cater to from newborns with clubfeet, to young sportspeople needing arthroscopic surgery, to grown up people suffering from arthritis.


We are one of few bone hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore that offer services in all the orthopedic sub-specialty including:

  • Total joint reconstruction (arthroplasty);

  • Skull reconstruction;

  • Hand surgery; shoulder and elbow surgery; 

  • Pediatric orthopedics; 

  • Foot and ankle surgery; 

  • Spine surgery;

  • Orthopedic trauma and

  • Surgical sports medicine


The orthopedics department is powered by a team of experienced and dedicated experts who are considered to be doyens in their respective fields of sub-specialty and are adept in performing all simple to most complex orthopedic procedures in patients of all ages with ease and expertise. The team is diverse, with members having trained across the world at leading healthcare institutions with specialization in different skills, to resuscitate and treat trauma patients.

We have the best orthopedic surgeons expert in the latest techniques such as minimally invasive surgery and navigation technology, and are ready to handle emergencies round-the-clock. They are efficiently aided by a team of highly-qualified and trained lab technicians and nursing staff.


Our Knee surgeon and bone specialist are specialize in

  • Hips, knees, ankles, and feet care

  • Shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands care

  • Operative and nonoperative care

  • Non Surgical spine care

  • Total joint replacements and revisions

  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation

  • Minimally invasive procedures

  • Pediatric orthopedics

  • Complex orthopedic trauma


As a complete department of orthopedic care, we focus on patient rehabilitation by recommending exercises or physical therapy to restore movement, strength and function in addition to focusing treatment plans to prevent injury or slow the progression of orthopedic diseases.


Conditions Treated at Manipal Whitefield

ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament of the Knee) Injuries | Ankle Injuries | Arthritis | Bunions | Bursitis | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Cartilage Tears and Other Injuries | Chronic Pain | Fractures | Hip Injuries | Joint Replacement Surgery | Knee Injuries | MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament of the Knee) Injuries | PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) | PLC (Posterior Lateral Complex) | Meniscal Surgeries | Shoulder Arthroscopy (Cuffs repair, Bankal repair) | Ankle Arthroscopy | Wrist Arthroscopy | Hip Arthroscopy | Capsular Release | Pelvic Reconstruction


Treatments Offered

At Manipal Orthopedic treatment hospital, Whitefield, we offer the entire gamut of orthopedic treatment services including the below:

Knee Replacement Surgery |Arthroscopic Surgery |Bone Resurfacing |Cartilage Repair |Conventional Surgery |Joint Surgery |Minimally-Invasive Surgery |Nerve Repair |Pain Management |Rehabilitation |Sports Medicine | PRP injections | Stem cells treatment | Spine management |Deformity corrections | Paediatric Orthopaedics | Soft tissue surgeries |Treatment for stiff joint | Ilizarov fixators | Pelvic Reconstruction


Joint Reconstruction or Replacement

Joint reconstruction covers a wide variety of conditions ranging from small repairs to total joint replacement. The type of treatment most suitable for any condition depends on the type and severity of the disorder. We at Manipal Whitefield take particular care to develop the most effective treatment option based on the individual need of a patient.

Some joint reconstruction surgery includes:


Joint Replacement Surgery

Performed on the hip, shoulder or knee, in joint replacement prosthetic joints are used as regular joints, but are made of high quality durable metal and quality plastic to fit together and perform smoothly.



It is a minimally invasive technique with the help of which orthopedic surgeons make minor adjustments to joints through tiny incisions and the use of a camera. Arthroscopy is used in the treatment of knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hips.



Performed on the knee or hip for younger patients who are reluctant to undergo joint replacement surgery, in osteotomy a section of bone near the damaged joint is removed. This relieves the pain by shifting the weight away from the damaged cartilage to an area with healthier cartilage.


Small Joint Surgery

When it is difficult to use joints in the hands or feet because of damage, the joints are replaced to bring back limited movement and activities.


Resurfacing Surgery

Less complicated than hip replacement, resurfacing surgery is beneficial for younger patients.

There are several other conditions which may call for a joint replacement. The most common of these include rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Joint replacement is the most viable solution for worn-out joints. Joint replacement ensures pain relief, improved mobility and improved quality of life.

Hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries are three most common joint replacement surgeries performed. 



The most common conditions which require hip replacement is chronic hip pain and disability due to arthritis. The most common forms of this disease include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and traumatic arthritis. 

Osteoarthritis refers to age-related “wear and tear” type of arthritis, and occurs in people 50 years of age and older and in people with a family history of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease and is the most common type of a group of disorders termed “inflammatory arthritis.” Post-traumatic arthritis occurs after a serious hip injury or fracture.

In a total hip replacement (total hip arthroplasty), the damaged bone and cartilage is removed and replaced with prosthetic components.


Total Knee Replacement

A total knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged knee joint is replaced with artificial material. The artificial parts used in a total knee replacement surgery are referred to as the prosthesis. Knee replacement surgeons take utmost care to make the process less painful to the patient and recover sooner.


Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is recommended in a painful condition that does not respond to nonsurgical treatment.

Common arthroscopic procedures for the knee include:

  • Removal or repair of a torn meniscus

  • Reconstruction of a torn anterior cruciate ligament

  • Treatment of knee sepsis (infection)

  • Removal of inflamed synovial tissue

  • Removal of loose fragments of bone or cartilage

  • Trimming of damaged articular cartilage

  • Treatment of patella (kneecap) problems


Shoulder Arthroscopy

During shoulder arthroscopy, the orthopedic surgeon inserts a small camera, called an arthroscope, into your shoulder joint. The surgeon uses the images seen through the camera to guide miniature surgical instruments. Thin surgical instruments and very small incisions (cuts) ensure less pain, and shorten the time it takes to recover and return to normal activities.


Common arthroscopic procedures include:

  • Rotator cuff repair

  • Bone spur removal

  • Removal or repair of the labrum

  • Repair of ligaments

  • Removal of inflamed tissue or loose cartilage

  • Repair for recurrent shoulder dislocation

At Manipal Whitefield, our service offerings include prevention, diagnosis and surgical and nonsurgical treatment of problems impacting the bones, joints, muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons. Be it simple pain or complex surgical interventions, we have the infrastructure supported by the most advanced techniques and technologies, with expert bone doctors and clinicians in the field of orthopedics to deliver care with excellence and expertise.

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Facilities & Services

The scope of the Orthopaedics Department at Manipal Hospitals includes both general and surgical treatments. General Orthopaedics caters to Shoulder, Knees, Sports Medicine, Trauma, Pediatrics, Joint Replacement Surgeries, Physiotherapy, and Total Hip Replacement

The Scope of Surgeries includes Arthroplasty, Orthobiologics, Cartilage restoration and joint preservation procedures, Fracture surgeries, including complex articular reconstructions, Salvage procedures for neglected trauma and polytrauma management. Sub-speciality surgeries include Treatment of congenital and developmental disorders in children, Limb preservation and oncological reconstruction, Hand and wrist disorders, Manipal Hospitals' minimally invasive procedures whenever possible, reduce pain and prompts recovery.

Pre-surgery and post-surgery assistance from all medical, surgical and nursing areas help in speedy recovery of all surgery patients.


After gathering general information about the patient's health, our orthopaedician will review the patient's medical history, and do a complete physical examination. Then the doctor might order the necessary investigations to determine the health of your body.

Having an orthopaedic condition like arthritis, ligament tears and cubital tunnel syndrome can affect the quality of life. Manipal Hospitals has dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized care and building long-term partnerships with its patients. Contact us to know more about orthopaedic problems and book an appointment with one of our orthopaedic specialists today.

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