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Neurosurgeons at Manipal Hospitals diagnose and surgically treat conditions of the brain and spine. The Department offers expertise in general neurosurgery, brain tumour surgery, complex spine disorders, stereotactic radiosurgery and vascular diseases.

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Why Manipal?

Advancements in medical science have contributed to evolved and precision surgical tools, making it possible for expert neurosurgeons to accomplish some of the complex surgeries which were not possible or very difficult earlier. We have the best neurosurgeon in Whitefield who are expert in successfully handling numerous complex neurosurgery cases and they are considered to be the best experts to approach when people are affected by disorders related to the nervous system.

Treatment & Procedures

Skull Base & Spine…

This type of procedure is performed primarily to operate on cysts, aneurysms, tumors (cancerous and non-cancerous) and other abnormalities present on the skull base, upper vertebrae or underside of the brain.Typically, skull base & spine surgery is performed using minimally invasive methods, using an endoscope through the mouth, nose or by creating…

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Arteriovenous Malformation…

This is a procedure performed to correct a congenital disorder known as AVM, where there is a formation of tangled arteries and veins which can lead to seizures, internal bleeding and neurological symptoms. It is possible to have an AVM without any adverse effects, but it is considered to be better to remove the risk through surgery. AVM's can form…

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CT Scanner for Neurosurgery

Center of Excellence: Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a surgical speciality that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with injury to, disorders or disease of the brain and spinal cord, and central and peripheral nerves of the body. Contrary to popular belief, neurosurgery is not only surgeries of the brain, but trained neurosurgery doctors also help patients suffering from back and neck pain as well as a host of other illnesses involving the entire nervous system. Neurosurgery also covers most neurosurgical conditions including neuro-trauma and other neuro-emergencies such as intracranial hemorrhage.

Manipal Hospitals is the best neurosurgery hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore providing best surgical care for all types of neurological conditions that require simple or complex surgeries. Our proven expertise of providing treatment for patients of all ages and genders make us one of the best hospitals for neurosurgery in Whitefield, Bangalore as well as Karnataka.

What is a Neurological Condition?

Neurological conditions refer to a dysfunction in one or several areas of the nervous system, which leads to a number of difficulties in the nervous system either immediately or progressively over a period of time.

There are more than 600 neurologic diseases. Major types include:

  • Diseases caused by a genetic mutation, such as Huntington's disease and muscular dystrophy

  • Problems with the way the nervous system develops, such as spina bifida

  • Degenerative diseases, where nerve cells are damaged or die, such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease

  • Diseases of the blood vessels such as stroke

  • Injuries to the spinal cord and brain

  • Seizure disorders, such as epilepsy

  • Infections, such as meningitis

Main Divisions of Neurosurgery & Expertise of Manipal Whitefield Hospital

Over the years, advanced branches have evolved to address special and difficult conditions. Some of these include:

Vascular Neurosurgery: A minimally invasive surgery procedure, vascular neurosurgery focuses on identifying and treating abnormalities of blood vessels of the brain and spinal cord. Some examples of vascular neurosurgery include Aneurysms, Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMs), Cavernous Angiomas, Dural Arteriovenous Malformations, and Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Strokes. At Manipal Hospitals Whitefield, a multidisciplinary team of surgeons comprising specially trained neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists offer patients every possible treatment option available.

Oncological Neurosurgery: Neuro-oncology focuses on managing diseases such as primary brain tumors, metastases and the neurologic complications arising out of cancer. It covers the treatment of benign and malignant central and peripheral nervous system cancers and pre-cancerous lesions in adults and children (including, glioblastoma multiforme and other gliomas, medulloblastoma, spinal cancer, brain stem cancer, tumors of the meninges and intracranial spaces, secondary metastases to the brain, spine, and nerves, and peripheral nervous system tumors).

Stereotactic neurosurgery, functional neurosurgery, and epilepsy surgery: As a rapidly growing aspect of treatment for nervous system disorders, stereotactic neurosurgery leverages advanced imaging techniques (CT, MRI) and devices for locating targets of surgical interest within the brain relative to an external frame of reference. Functional neurosurgery focuses on the restoration of neurological condition and function. Epilepsy surgery is aimed at stopping or reducing seizures for patients who are suffering from them. Surgical options for epilepsy include invasive procedures that open the skull (called a craniotomy) to minimally invasive procedures that do not open the skull.

At Manipal Hospitals Whitefield, a multidisciplinary team comprising specialists from neurosurgery, neurology, psychology and physiology utilizes contemporary diagnostic and treatment tools to provide comprehensive treatment for stereotactic neurosurgery, functional neurosurgery, and epilepsy surgery.

Skull Base Surgery: Skull base tumors grow on the bones of the skull that form the bottom of the head and the body ridge behind the nose and eyes. Skull base tumors may originate from the neurovascular structures of the base of the brain and the basal meninges, the cranial base itself, or the sub-cranial structures of the head and neck. Our team of clinicians at Manipal Whitefield Hospital includes neurosurgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and trained nurses who work together to provide the best possible care for all types of skull base surgeries.

Spinal Neurosurgery: Surgery for a spine tumor depends on the nature and location of the tumor. When possible, the tumor is removed to relieve pressure and pain. At Manipal Whitefield, we emphasize intraoperative monitoring and stimulation of the spinal cord to maximize the safety of the resection. For metastatic spine tumors, Manipal Hospitals offer patients state-of-the-art spinal stabilization to preserve mechanical and neurologic function and improve quality of life.

Pediatric Neurosurgery: Disorders of the nervous system often affect infants and young children and adults differently. Pediatric neurologists manage neurological disorders in those younger than 18 years. Some of the conditions that young people and children include: epilepsy, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, complex metabolic diseases, and nerve and muscle disorders.

Apart from the conditions discussed above, we at Manipal Whitefield Hospital are renowned for some key neurological conditions such as the below:

Stroke: A stroke warrants immediate & emergency medical attention. At Manipal Whitefield, we offer round the clock care for Thrombolysis. Our expert team of clinicians comprises neurology-trained physiotherapists, language and speech therapists for speech recovery and rehabilitation specialists who help in speedy recovery of patients.

Brain Hemorrhage: Bursting of an artery in the brain leads to bleeding in and around the brain, causing Brain Hemorrhage. Symptoms of brain hemorrhage are often similar to that a stroke. Brain hemorrhage is caused by elevated blood pressure, abnormally weak or dilated (aneurysm) blood vessels.

At Manipal Whitefield, we are equipped with an expert and dedicated team of neurosurgeons and state-of-the-art ICU team for close monitoring and handle any kind of emergency due to bleeding in the brain.

Comprehensive Neurosurgery Services at Manipal Whitefield

At Manipal Whitefield, a team of neurosurgeons works collaboratively to deliver exceptionally high quality of neurological patient care, making us one of the best hospitals in neuro care in entire Bangalore and Karnataka. 

The team of physicians is complemented by a neurology-trained nursing team and highly experienced and skilled support personnel, and a complete suite of state-of-the-art technology. Our specialists apply innovative research and protocols to deliver optimal patient safety and quality of care.

Neurosurgeons in Whitefield, Bangalore

Facilities & Services

With state-of-the-art imaging facilities at Manipal Hospitals, continuous post-operative care has been the heart of every condition treated.

Some of the conditions for which treatments are available are:

- Brain attack or brain stroke

- Cerebral palsy

- Dementia

- Diabetic neuropathy

- Dyslexia

- Dystonia

- Encephalitis

- Epilepsy

- Essential tremors

- Esthesioneuroblastoma

- Facial palsy

- Frontal lobe seizures

- Ganglion cyst

- Guillain-barre syndrome

- Arteriovenous malformations of the brain

- Glioma

- Huntington's disease

- Idiopathic hypersomnia

- Insomnia

- Intracranial hematoma

- Meningioma

- Migraine

- Myoclonus

- Parkinsons disease

- Sciatica

- Sleep apnea

- Stroke or traumatic brain injury

- Trigeminal neuralgia


- Alzheimer's disease

- Benign peripheral nerve tumour

- Brain and cerebral aneurysm

- Brain tumour

- Febrile seizures

- Hydrocephalus

- Meningitis

- Multiple myelomas

- Myasthenia gravis

- Myelofibrosis

- Neuroblastoma

- Neuroleptic malignant syndrome


You will probably feel very tired for several weeks after surgery. You may also have headaches or problems concentrating. It can take 4 to 8 weeks to recover from surgery. Your cuts (incisions) may be sore for about 5 days after surgery.

Neurosurgeries are always complex and daunting, that is why Manipal Hospitals and its team of doctors' goal is to ensure patients are on the path to a quick recovery through the least invasive, most appropriate, and advanced treatment available. Contact us to know more about the different neurological surgeries and book an appointment with one of our neurosurgeons today.

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