Gynaecology treatment in Patiala

Family Planning Services Sterilization and Contraceptive advices

Gynaecology treatment in Patiala

Family Planning Services: Sterilization & Contraceptive advices
For those who seek to postpone having a baby, or just stop having one, our family planning services unit is the right place to come to. Our gynaecologists advise you on the best possible contraception and sterilization options. 
For sterilization in women, the surgical procedure is tubal ligation, in which the fallopian tubes are cut or sealed. The procedure of Gynaecology treatment in Patiala is usually performed using a minimally invasive surgery called laparoscopy and is a day procedure.
Contraception: Contraception methods prescribed and performed include long-acting reversible contraception, such as the implant or intra uterine device (IUD), hormonal contraception, such the pill or the Depo Provera injection, barrier methods, such as condoms and emergency contraception. Our gynaecologists also impart advice on fertility awareness.

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Right from providing effective counseling to women and their families on the health and social aspects of contraception, to conducting minimally invasive procedures wherever required, our gynaecologists seasoned in the field to help people deal with family planning. Consult with best doctors at Manipal Hospitals now. 

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