Treatment for fibromyalgia in Hebbal, Bangalore

Treatment for fibromyalgia

Treatment for fibromyalgia in Hebbal, Bangalore

This is a painful body condition with musculoskeletal aches, tiredness and tenderness. Treatment for fibromyalgia in Hebbal, Bangalore includes the following,

  • Over-the-counter pain relievers provide temporary relief.

  • Anti-convulsants are anti-seizure medications that help in decreasing pain in the nerves.

  • Acupuncture with multiple needles in the skin. 

  • Yoga and other stretching exercises.

  • Antidepressant drugs can lower the fatigue and pain experienced.

  • Increasing vitamin D levels in the body by taking vitamin D supplements.

  • Managing the pain with physical therapy.

  • Massage therapy.

  • Medical marijuana consumption involves taking medicinal cannabis.

Some home remedies that may be practised for this illness are listed below,

  • Aerobic exercises such as low-impact forms and some resistance training can help decrease the symptoms. The stiffness, tender feeling in the bones, extreme pain and insomnia can be highly effective in some patients. Consistency is the key to following up with the exercises if any improvement is seen. 

  • A full body massage or a localised hot compression is another way to manage the illness. Some patients feel the symptoms decrease with a regular hot compression massage. 

  • Psychotherapy sessions that include behaviour modification therapy for imbibing positive behaviour amidst the pain felt can improve the patient's mindset. It teaches the patient how to cope with the tenderness and weakness experienced. Relaxation is the central theme of the sessions when emotional distress and other anxieties experienced are lowered. 

  • Meditation is another form of coping with the mental trauma experienced with physical discomfort, and it can help with the stress levels and pain experienced. Meditation involves changing the focus on other happier instances in life and not thinking about the weakness due to the illness. 

  • The patient's diet has to be changed to lower the symptoms of this disease. Consuming foods that are free from sugar and are of low energy form is ideal. Certain foods like tofu, oats, almonds, pulses, fruits, etc., are all low-energy foods that help manage the disease. Consuming gluten-free foods even though the patient does not have celiac disease is another therapy for lowering the tiredness experience. Also, not consuming foods that can be fermented, such as monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, disaccharides and polyols, helps to reduce the symptoms. Not consuming any food additives like Monosodium Glutamate in the food, such as fast foods or continental foods that always contain such additives, also lessens the pain. Aspartame and excitotoxins are other food additives that have to be avoided by patients suffering fromt this disease. 

  • Maintaining ideal body weight is one of the essential requisites in managing the disease, as being overweight can cause many other complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Striving to attain an average body weight can be very effective in maintaining the quality of life. 

Although there is currently no cure for the disease, the patient can manage the symptoms with the help of the therapies mentioned above. Medications combined with some home remedies discussed above can positively control the disease. Book an appointment now at Manipal Hospitals to know more about the treatments with the help of best doctors in Bangalore. 

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