Physiotherapy and Exercise, Application of ice and/or heat, Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

Physiotherapy and Exercise, Application of ice and/or heat, Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore

Physiotherapy and exercise can relieve pain by providing pain medicine treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore. Therapists use various methods, including ice, heat, and nerve stimulators. Different ways may be involved in other circumstances. 

Physiotherapy is considered more beneficial than medications as there is no risk of side effects. A physiotherapist provides you with some training and instructions by which you can get the best result.

How can Physiotherapy help you?

A physiotherapist is a person who specialises in the body's movement. Physiotherapists are not only experts in treating pain but can also prevent pain and injury. A physiotherapist helps patients by providing training and education on therapeutic exercise, joint mobilisation, breathing exercises and many more. They treat the patients by finding out the areas of stiffness. After finding out these areas, they apply specific methods for relieving pain and better movement of the pain.

A physical therapist may train you on this.

  • Pain Relief Exercise

Pain relief exercises focus on moving the areas where you have pain. The main aim of these exercises is to strengthen the areas. Physiotherapists often recommend stretching, ensuring you don’t stretch too far. 

  • Strengthening Exercises 

There are different types of strengthening exercises that help strengthen muscles. To do these exercises, you may use the machine, your body weight or other parts of your body.

  • Aerobic Training

Aerobic exercise helps improve the heart. These exercises are also helpful in improving your joints and keeping them at ease. 

Alternative Methods

Apart from the exercises mentioned above, your therapists may also recommend you apply the following methods to make you feel comfortable.

  • Apply Ice Pack or Heat

Both ice packs and heat can work effectively when you have pain. Ice helps to heal inflammation, and heat helps to make your muscles flexible by warming them up. The heat helps carry the nutrients to different body areas by boosting blood flow. At the same time, ice reduces pain by slowing blood flow. 

Both heat and ice are helpful to cure pain in the muscles, swelling, stiffness, and joint aches like knee and ankle. To relieve pain in the short term, you can use a heating pad, a frozen gel pack, an ice bag etc.

  • Massage

Massay may not always help relieve pain. But a physiotherapist knows the techniques to apply massage that will work better. Therapeutic massage helps by reducing joint pain, muscle pain and tendons. Sometimes massage may worsen the pain if the massaging technique is not appropriate. Therefore, you should apply massage only with the help of the instructions provided by the physiotherapist.

  • Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation, also known as TENS, is applied using a device that sends an electric current to stimulate the area where you have pain. Different types of TENS include Conventional TENS, Acupuncture-like TENS, and Intense TENS. 

The physiological intention of Conventional TENS is to activate non-noxious afferents to eliminate segmental analgesia. Acupuncture-like TENS helps to eliminate additional segmental analgesia by activating small-diameter motor afferents. Intense TENS emphasises eliminating peripheral nerve blockades. Book an appointment at Manipal Hospitals to get detailed information regarding various other treatments with the help of best doctors in Bangalore. 

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