Care of the Pregnant Woman

Gynaecology hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore

Taking good care of a pregnant woman is essential for the good health of both mother and the baby. It is the responsibility of the family and the partner to take care of the pregnant woman during the pregnancy and after the pregnancy. Some of the critical healthcare methods for a pregnant woman have been discussed below:

Comprehensive Prenatal care

Prenatal care includes all types of health care a pregnant woman receives during the pregnancy. Your prenatal care starts with visiting your Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. Once you visit your doctor, they will conduct a few tests to check whether 

  • You have Diabetes or heart problems.

  • You are pregnant with more than one fetus

  • You are more than 35 years old

You will have to go through routine visits after checking many other issues apart from the abovementioned ones. If you are healthy and there is no risk, you will have to visit your doctor. 

  • Every four weeks until the 28th week of pregnancy

  • Every two weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy

  • Once a week until delivery


Your healthcare providers may conduct some tests to find any problems like congenital disabilities or fetal chromosomal problems. These tests are shown in the first, second and third trimesters. 

Two types of tests are conducted at the prenatal stage. One is a screening test, and another is a diagnostic test—a screening test help to disclose the probability of a problem. At the same time, diagnostic tests help determine if the fetus has any specific situation. Visit Gynaecology hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore to have the best diagnosis.

Exclusive Labour Suits

Some luxury suits help to ease the labor. Hospitals provide cases that allow the mother has an unparalleled childbirth experience. These comfortable labour suits will make you feel at home.

24 Hour Surgical Capability and Anaesthesia Support

Since labor pain and delivery can occur at any time, hospitals providing obstetrics services are often equipped with 24 hours surgical capability. Manipal Hospital, Hebbal, always provides 24 hours surgical and anesthesia support. 

Complete maternal and fetal monitoring

It is essential to check the heart rate of both mother and the fetus during labor. Because if any risk factor is found, the obstetrics become ready to take the necessary measure. 

There are two methods of heart rate monitoring. One is Auscultation, and another is Electronic fetal monitoring. Auscultation is listening to the heartbeat of a fetal periodically, and electronic fetal monitoring uses an electronic instrument to record the fetus's heartbeat continuously.

Immediate access to Neonatal ICU

The initial 28 days are crucial for a newborn, the most vulnerable time; it is essential to provide emergency support whenever required. Neonatal ICU helps monitor the newborn's health and provides intensive care if the newborn's health is at risk. NICUs are equipped with a monitor, ventilator, blood gas machine, and all other equipment to provide full support to the newborn. Book an appointment at our multi-specialty hospital today.

Take vaccines

It would help if you took all the vaccines the doctor recommended during the pregnancy. Some vaccines include flu shots recommended to prevent problems, and others include the Tdap vaccine. These vaccines will help you to avoid certain illnesses during your pregnancy.