Neonatology treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore

Provide neonatal resuscitation at every delivery

Neonatology treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore

Successful neonatal resuscitation is anticipating, preparing appropriately, evaluating accurately, and promptly initiating support. Every delivery at Manipal hospitals, Hebbal has at least one person whose primary responsibility is to care for the newborn. As well as administering positive-pressure ventilation and chest compressions, this person must be capable of initiating resuscitation.

What is Neonatal Resuscitation?

When a baby is born, some may have difficulty breathing. Emergency care is given to babies who cannot live or have trouble breathing during newborn resuscitation. 

Why does a Baby Need Resuscitation?

Resuscitation of a baby at birth can be necessary for many reasons. Among them are, 

  • An early or late delivery (preterm or premature) (before or after the 41st week of pregnancy)

  • The possibility of contracting an infection during childbirth

  • Placental problems

  • Excessively long or extremely short labour

  • In case of high blood pressure or diabetes, the mother may experience unexpected problems during labour (e.g. unusual bleeding or alterations in the baby's heart rate before delivery).

  • Lung development abnormalities.

There are times when there is no apparent reason for something. Your healthcare provider during the time of  Neonatology treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore will explain why your baby needs resuscitation at birth.

During Resuscitation

Your baby will be placed on a warm resuscitation cot. The most important thing is to make sure your baby is breathing. A mask covers the baby's face, or a breathing tube is inserted into the mouth and throat. To help oxygen reach the brain and other organs in the body, air or oxygen is pushed into the lungs.

Preserving a comfortable environment for your baby is crucial. Your baby is dried and wrapped in warm blankets or towels on the resuscitation cot, and covering a plastic bag around it can prevent the skin from losing moisture.

Even if your baby is breathing well, chest compressions may be necessary to help pump blood around the body if his heart rate is too slow. Doctors press on the baby's chest to perform chest constrictions. To give fluids and medication to a baby, they sometimes require an intravenous line (drip), and doctors can insert an IV into the baby's veins or umbilical cord.

After Resuscitation Care for Your Baby

The doctor will inform you if the condition of your baby changes. If your baby stays with you, the midwife or nurse looking after you both will closely monitor your baby. What caused the resuscitation, how your baby responded to it, and how they are coping will determine how your baby is treated. Tell the staff immediately if you have any concerns. 

Doctors will move your baby to special care or an intensive care nursery if they need notable observation (monitoring) or breathing assistance. As your baby breathes, heartrates, oxygen saturation (colours), and general condition is monitored, the doctors and nurses will keep an eye on it. Your baby will likely need blood tests, an x-ray, or a drip to give them fluids, glucose (sugar), or antibiotics. 

Occasionally, your baby may not be able to suck and swallow milk. It is possible to insert a feeding tube through their nose into their stomach. Until they are more robust, you can feed milk through the line.

How can you help your baby in the nursery? 

You can visit and see your baby with the staff. Care for your baby (e.g. feeding and changing nappies) by cuddling, sitting, talking, and touching. It depends on how sick your baby is; often, sick babies need much rest. Your nurse or midwife will help you express milk if your baby cannot suckle at the breast. 

Home Care for Your Baby After Resuscitation

Your baby's doctors at Manipal Hospitals will explain what happened and how it might affect your baby's future. They will let you know if your baby needs follow-up treatment or monitoring.

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