Neonatology treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore

Parents are trained in newborn care post-discharge from NICU

Neonatology treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore

While in the NICU, take care of her so you'll be ready to care for her when she's home. Before you discharge your baby, consider staying with her in the NICU to get used to caring for her on your own. Make sure you know how to use medical equipment and administer medicine to your baby before you take her home after giving neonatology treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore. Before discharge from the NICU, choose a healthcare provider for your baby.

When your baby leaves the NICU, how can you prepare?

You have much to do and learn in the weeks and months following your baby's discharge from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Taking your baby home after discharge means they have been released from hospital care. 

Before discharge, you should discuss home care with your partner, your baby's healthcare provider, and the NICU staff. The following topics are discussed:

  • Are you prepared to care for your baby at home? Does your baby have the medicine and equipment they need? Are your baby's medicine and equipment used correctly?

  • How do you envision discharge day? Are you hoping that your family or friends will be there to welcome you and your new baby home? Would you prefer it to be just your baby and you?

  • How can you learn to take care of your baby at home with the help of videos, classes, booklets, or apps?

Before discharge, most hospitals let parents "room in" with their babies. NICU staff can still assist you while you practice caring for your baby on your own. Rooming in with your baby and taking care of them can be done by either you or you.

Take your baby home after attending a discharge class organised by the NICU staff. NICU families can attend a discharge class to learn about the following,

  • Baby care basics

  • Keeping your baby safe while sleeping

  • Safety tips for using car seats

  • Medicating your baby.

You are taking care of your baby after birth. Follow-up care after your baby's discharge from the hospital is referred to as follow-up care. 

CPR classes are also available. You do this when someone stops breathing or their heart stops beating. Your baby may feel more comfortable at home if you attend CPR and discharge classes.

Some Tips To Follow At Home

The following tips will help you make the transition from the NICU to home as smooth as possible,

  • It is fantastic to be a parent! You are the only one who knows your baby as you do.

  • Your baby wouldn't be sent home if the NICU didn't think they were ready.

  • Your little one will sleep when you sleep. A well-rested parent is a better parent. You will have a mix of day and night and learn how to make  them sleep to adjust to days and nights.

  • Set up a routine. Providing Dusty with a pattern they could rely on, helping them adjust to being home.

  • When people can help, let them bring you food. The convenience of not having to cook was such a blessing when you were drained and people showed up with food.

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