Antenatal treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore

Antenatal counselling when newborn problems are anticipated

Antenatal treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore

A prenatal appointment is an important opportunity for mothers to become more knowledgeable about the care they will receive during and after pregnancy. Communication is often insufficient, however, according to studies. As part of this antenatal treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore, job aids improved counselling and mothers' understanding of their newborn's care.

Antenatal Counselling 

Antenatal counselling aims to establish a relationship between health care providers and families, provide accurate information, and assist parents in making decisions about their infant's care. Health professionals must be aware of their effect on parents, strive to understand parental experiences and values, assist parents in determining their values, foster respectful relationships with parents, and work together to achieve mutually understood goals through therapeutic alliances. Families need to be engaged in a non-biased manner by those providing counselling. These discussions often occur under pressure and stress, which can be incredibly challenging.

Communication with parents

If the pregnancy continues or new information becomes available, parents facing the birth of a highly preterm infant should have many opportunities to receive news and formulate a plan. The information parents find helpful are the likelihood of survival, risk of disability, medical treatments, anticipated problems, experiences in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), parenting, and coping with stress. As well as compassion, parents seek acknowledgement of their distress. Written information can help with parental understanding and recall. 

Professionals providing information to expectant parents must provide accurate and consistent data. The neonatal and obstetrical teams must work together to ensure that information is consistent and that plans are followed. Staff information cards and interdisciplinary consensus guidelines can also enhance consistency. A case management round may help resolve team disagreements and other difficult situations. Counsellors and social workers often provide support. The management of labour, the mode of delivery, and the care of the infant are all documented and readily available during antenatal consultations to ensure consistency and continuity of care.

Decision making

Health professionals and parents should collaborate on decision-making in the perinatal setting. Parents vary in their willingness or ability to take on decision-making. Some are reluctant, others want to participate and can do so, while others are unsure how to participate. It is sometimes complicated for health professionals to engage in active discussion with families and to address family values or preferences rather than just giving information. It is the responsibility of professionals to educate parents and to invite them to participate in shared decision-making. Professionals should inquire about parents' involvement preferences, at the very least. 

Providing information and helping individuals clarify and share their values through patient decision aids may assist parents in making decisions. Using decision aids will benefit patients and health professionals; patients will be more engaged, will know more, and will have more realistic expectations when using decision aids. A decision aid for parents facing imminent preterm birth has been developed.

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