Grown Up Congenital Heart (GUCH) operations

Grown Up Congenital Heart operations in Hebbal, Bangalore

Congenital Heart disease relates to the abnormality of the heart right from birth. If the heart does not develop before birth, it could lead to problems in the heart valves and event chambers. Patients with congenital heart disease could lead an everyday life but require surgery or corrective measures later in life.  There are different types of operations or surgeries performed for grown-up congenital heart diseases. 

Surgery for Adult Congenital Heart Disease

The doctor during grown up congenital heart operations in Hebbal, Bangalore will assess the kind of surgery required for congenital heart disease. Surgeries could differ according to when it has been diagnosed, either in adulthood or childhood. The different types of surgery are,

Closed Heart Surgery

One of the most often performed surgery to repair defects that are prevalent outside the heart, like coarctation of the aorta. As the heart is not surgically opened, the heart and lungs do not need support and do not require to be stopped during the procedure. This eliminated the need for a heart-lung bypass machine to pump blood in the body. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia; it involves an incision between the ribs and chest. The surgery can take up to two or three hours and will require recovery in the intensive care unit.

Open Heart Surgery

Open heart surgery may be conducted when there are heart defects inside the heart. Performed under general anaesthesia, the surgeon makes an incision in the chest and opens the sternum or breastbone. A heart-lung bypass machine will perform the work of the organs and pump blood to the body. Post-surgery, patients will remain in intensive care for several days to monitor their progress.  Patients will be advised not to perform heavy activity for a few weeks post-surgery.

Your surgeon may use open heart surgery to repair heart defects that occur inside the heart. In this type of surgery, which is performed using general anaesthesia, your surgeon makes a large incision in the chest and opens the sternum, or breastbone, using surgical tools. A heart-lung bypass machine performs the work of these organs during the procedure, pumping blood to the body.

Heart Transplant

If the heart does not function as efficiently as it should, the patient would need a heart transplant. In this kind of surgery, doctors will remove a severely damaged and failing heart to replace it with a healthy donor. Major surgery requires a lot of preparation and staying at the hospital, and doctors need to monitor the patient and their vitals before they discharge them. Book an appointment at Manipal Hospitals to know more about treatments with the help of cardiology doctors in Bangalore