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Deaths are on the rise, as a result of polytrauma, which is a major cause of death in developing countries, such as India. Though India has made significant advances in science and technology over the past decade, there is still a great deal of work to be done to improve road and traffic conditions in the country.

Every year, thousands of people die as a result of a high velocity impact. As we have experienced, motorbike accidents pose a particularly high risk of polytrauma-related death.

There is a term in medicine called polytrauma which refers to a clinical state that arises as a result of an injury to the body resulting in profound changes in the body's physio metabolic process that affect several organ systems at once. Book an appointment at our top multi-specialty hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore.

In severe cases of polytrauma, a person can even die within a few days of being confined as a result of their injuries. In the case of polytrauma deaths, there are three peaks in the death rate. In the event that a severe neurological or vascular injury occurs within minutes of the first peak, there are very few medical treatments that are capable of improving the outcome. It is also during the "Golden Hour" that a second peak occurs. As a result of intracranial hematomas, major injuries to the thorax and abdomen, or both, an individual can suffer from this condition. At this point in time, the primary focus of intervention should be Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS). The third peak may occur a number of days or even weeks after the second peak occurs due to sepsis or the failure of multiple organs.

It is important to note that there is a wide range of surgical procedures that are available for trauma patients, such as intramedullary nailing of bones, plating, spinal surgeries, plastic surgery procedures, and state-of-the-art rehabilitation and physiotherapy. During the operation, we use intraoperative X-rays to make sure that the bones are aligned properly and to improve the fixation of the bones. In order to provide better care to our patients, we greatly benefit from the 24 hour support provided by the blood bank.

The reality is that polytrauma has an irreparable effect on the patients and their families, both financially and psychologically, after all is said and done. This issue can be resolved most effectively by preventing polytrauma from occurring in the first place. It is very important to educate the public about the importance of wearing a helmet, not overspeeding, wearing a seat belt, not using a cell phone while driving, and following traffic laws and raising awareness. 

Young people are especially vulnerable to polytrauma if they are involved in a road traffic accident due to their age. In order to become a productive member of society, there should be frequent interaction between experts and young age groups at schools or colleges. There is a need to impose strict rules and punishments on those who violate the law, as those who do so will be subjected to harsh penalties. In order to limit the speed of vehicles, the use of technology needs to be implemented in an effective way. Polytrauma treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore is available at Manipal Hospitals, visit today.

Our pleasure as medical professionals is immense when we see a patient return to a normal life after undergoing surgery to treat polytrauma, which has been an extremely hard diagnosis. Further, it is extremely difficult to accept the loss of a loved one following a traumatic event and the impact it has on the victim, their family, and their friends after the event. There is no doubt that one of the keys to preventing trauma and ensuring safety is living a lifestyle that promotes health.

Polytrauma symptoms include:

As polytrauma affects the body in an unforeseen manner, it is difficult to link its symptoms to a particular body part or organ. An injured body part may experience pain and bleeding due to polytrauma. One of the less noticeable symptoms is difficulty concentrating, loss of memory, headaches, and a constant ringing in the ears. There are also symptoms such as dizziness, irritability, and impaired judgment.

Polytrauma Diagnosis

Following a car accident, the patient is advised to undergo an X-ray to determine the level of injuries in the neck, chest, or pelvis (referred to as the trauma series). The wounds are also evaluated in depth with a CT scan and an MRI.

Polytrauma Treatment

The cause of polytrauma is a leading cause of morbidity. The treatment of polytrauma is challenging since it involves the treatment of multiple organs or systems at the same time. In order to determine the best course of action for polytrauma, a complete evaluation of symptoms and conditions must be completed. consult with the experts to know more.

In this assessment, the following conditions are assessed:

  • Mobility of the body

  • Skills in communication

  • Ability to think (memory, judgement, awareness)

  • A high level of intensity and endurance

  • Adaptability and coping skills

  • Changes in behaviour and emotional well-being

  • Pain

In order to further the treatment process, a team of neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, cardiologists, physiotherapists, etc. is assigned.

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