Pap Smear Test - A Vital Tool to Screen for Cervical Cancer

Posted On Aug 22, 2022


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Pap Smear Test in Ghaziabad

Cancer is a disease in which the cells in our body divide uncontrollably, competing against normal body tissues and eventually destroying them. Cancer that starts in the cervix of the uterus is called cervical cancer. The cervix is a canal-like structure connecting the vagina to the body of the uterus, commonly known as the mouth of the uterus. Cervical cancer, like the other forms of cancer, may spread to other parts after originating in the region it is named after, i.e; Cervix. Continue reading to find out how a pap smear test can help in the early diagnosis of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer occurs commonly in women over the age of 30 years. The leading cause of cervical cancer is persistent infection with the human papillomavirus or HPV, acquired during sexual activity.

As HPV is a causative factor and precancerous lesions are proved for carcinoma cervix along with cervix is approachable by clinical examination, hence its periodic screening is possible. Cervical Cancer is 100% treatable if you start the treatment at the early stage. The enhanced screening through pap smear tests has drastically reduced the number of deaths amongst women due to cervical cancer. Visit Manipal Hospitals for a pap smear test in Ghaziabad.

What is a Pap Smear Test?

A pap smear test detects the early signs of cervical cancer by observing the changes in the cells collected from your cervix—the early detection of the abnormal cells is the first step in detecting the precancer stage.

Who Should Take A Pap Smear Test?

Doctors usually recommend women go for a pap smear test appointment after age 21. However, a doctor may advise a pap smear test based on specific symptoms. In specific cases, a doctor may recommend more frequent pap smear tests or combine PAP with HPV test. At Manipal Hospitals, our experts recommend that women repeat pap smear tests every three years from age 21 to 65.

When Can I Stop Worrying About Pap Smear Testing?

Prevention is better than cure, and while preventive diagnostic testing is important, it may not be required in a few cases. The conditions where one can stop investing their time in a pap smear test after the doctor's recommendation are:

  • Women who previously tested negative should stop pap smear tests at age 65.
  • Undergone a total hysterectomy, removal of cervix along with the uterus.

Preparing for a Pap Smear Test

Experts recommend preparing for a pap smear test using the following means:

  • Stop intercourse and vaginal medications for two days before taking a pap smear test appointment. Any vaginal insertions may wash away the abnormal cells.
  • Avoid scheduling the pap smear test during your menstrual periods. Consult your doctor to find the best pap smear test time.

What is the Pap Smear Test Process?

The pap smear test is a quick procedure where the doctor scrapes a small sample of cells from your cervix with the help of a brush or spatula as you lie on your back with the insertion of a speculum, a device to keep the vaginal walls open. A qualified trained pathologist does a cytological evaluation of cells from your cervix for the presence of any abnormal cells.

Decoding the Pap Smear Test Results

A pap smear test may produce a normal or abnormal result.

  • Normal means the absence of abnormal cells. There is usually no need for a pap smear test for another three years on a normal or negative result.
  • Abnormal means the identification of abnormal cells on your cervix. An abnormal or positive pap smear test is not necessarily cancer. It can be precancerous with the following levels:
  • Mild or dysplasia
  • Moderate
  • Severe dysplasia
  • Cancer or precancer

Depending upon the pap smear test results, our Gynecologist in Ghaziabad may recommend further tests:

  • Colposcopy

Visualization of the cervix with endoscope so with magnification.

  • Biopsy

Cervical tissue is taken out for histological evaluation, a 100 % confirmatory test.

How to Find The Best Pap Smear Test Near Me?

The search for the best pap smear test near me ends at Manipal Hospitals. At Manipal Hospitals, we use world-class diagnostic equipment under the supervision of India's leading medical professionals and gynaecologists to advise the best treatment protocol and nip cervical cancer before it takes a dangerous form. Book an appointment for Cervical Cancer Treatment in Ghaziabad, call Manipal Hospitals, Ghaziabad.

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