Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement

The cervical spine comprises seven bones called cervical vertebrae stacked on top of each other to form the neck. The cervical discs are the cushions that sit between the vertebrae in the neck, and they absorb shock and allow your neck to move freely. Your cervical spine also serves as a protective tunnel for the upper portion of your spinal cord. This spinal cord section houses the spinal nerves that supply movement to your upper body.

A diseased cervical disc is removed and replaced with an artificial disc during cervical disc replacement surgery. Before the availability of this procedure, the affected disc was removed, and the vertebrae above and below were fused to prevent motion.

Pre Procedures

Before Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement surgery in varthur road, a patient should follow the following procedures as may be advised by a specialist:

  • Inform your surgeon about all medications you take at home, including over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements. It can be advised for you to stop taking aspirin and other medicines that thin the blood and promote bleeding.

  • If you or a family member has ever experienced an adverse reaction to general anaesthesia, let your physician know.

  • If you smoke, you could be advised to quit well before surgery and refrain from smoking for a while afterwards.

  •  You'll likely receive instructions on when to stop eating and drinking before the surgery. It's typical to abstain from food and liquids after midnight the night before the surgery.

  • On the day of the procedure, enquire with your surgeon if you should take your regular prescriptions.


An intravenous line will be placed right before the procedure so you can receive fluids and drugs to put you to sleep. Typically, this surgery is carried out while you are entirely unconscious. A tube may be implanted in your throat to protect your airway and help you breathe more efficiently, and an intravenous line may be used to administer medication to put you to sleep. The operation itself could take many hours. Once the process is started under the supervision of the best spine doctors in varthur road, here is what will likely happen:

  • Your heart, blood pressure, and oxygen levels will be constantly checked with the help of monitors.

  • To eliminate bacteria on the skin, a specific solution is used to clean the area of your neck where the incision will be performed.

  • The front or side of your neck will be surgically cut with a one- to two-inch incision.

  • Before the surgeon can see the cervical disc and vertebral bones, the critical neck components will be carefully shifted to the side.

  • The replacement cervical disc will then be taken out.

  • The artificial disc will be fixed into the available disc space.

  • Under the skin, absorbable sutures (stitches) will be used to close the incision. The skin will then be carefully stitched shut to reduce scars.

  • You will be placed in the recovery area after a bit of dressing is placed over the incision, and maybe a stiff or flexible neck collar is placed on your neck to limit movement.

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