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Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Obstetrics and Gynaecology involve diagnosing and managing diseases related to obstetrics (pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum period) and gynaecology (female reproductive organs, including vagina, uterus ovaries, and breasts). The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Manipal Hospital, Varthur, offers a wide range of women's health services. We ensure the complete safety of women and newborns. The Manipal hospitals, Varthur, also focus on expert counselling, management, and quality care on all the matters related to women's health.

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Why Manipal?

At Manipal Hospital, Varthur, there is an experienced team of doctors, trained professional nurses, and paramedical staff to provide quality healthcare with successful outcomes. The hospital specialises in managing gynaecological oncology, high-risk pregnancy, laparoscopic surgery, infertility, colposcopy, prenatal care, genetic problems, and menopause. In addition, the team continuously strives to upgrade medical protocols and advance technologies to enhance patient satisfaction. Consult with our best gynecologist in Varthur Road.

Treatment & Procedures

NST for Fetal Well Being

A non-stress test (NST) is a common prenatal test used to check on a baby's health in the womb.

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Pap Smear

Pap Smear or Pap Test is a vaginal exam that screens for cervical cancer. This is done by taking a swab to collect cervical cells to be examined for abnormal growth and other indications of precancerous /cancerous cells. It’s a simple procedure that takes approximately 5 minutes.

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Non-Stress Test (NST)

NST is the screening test used during the pregnancy. It is performed to ensure that baby is doing well and measures the heart rate and response to movement in the third trimester.

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IUCD ( Intra-Uterine Contraceptive…

IUCD is the most effective birth control method to prevent pregnancy. It is a tiny T-shaped device or coil inserted into the uterus by the trained doctor. IUCD is made of copper, making the uterine environment hostile for sperms and eggs, preventing fertilization.

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USG scan

An ultrasound scan makes use of high-frequency sound waves to scan the internal organs of the body. USG scan produces pictures of the developing foetus, women's abdomen, pelvic cavity, and reproductive organs. It is used to check the conditions of the major organs. It is also used to monitor the development of the foetus during pregnancy.

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Cervical Biopsy

It involves obtaining a small tissue sample from the cervix to determine precancerous conditions or cervical cancer. It can be performed in several ways and is generally painless.

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Outpatient Inpatient and Emergency…

Constantly buzzing with a stream of women and babies coming in to meet our gynaecologists, our outpatient and inpatient unit is equipped to diagnose and treat a range of gynaecological conditions that do not require surgery or hospitalization. From screening tests, ultrasound scans and mammograms, to high risk pregnancy management, pain and bleeding…

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Hysterectomy is the surgical procedure to completely remove the uterus. It is performed in case of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, cancer of the uterus, cervix, or ovaries, adenomyosis (thickening of the uterus), uterine prolapse (sliding of the uterus from normal position), and other abnormalities.

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Cancer Screening - Pap smear,…

Cancer can be preventable and appropriate tests can detect any possibility of the disease in women. A Pap smear, also called a Pap test, is a screening procedure for cervical cancer. It tests for the presence of precancerous or cancerous cells on your cervix which is the opening of the uterus. During the routine procedure, cells from your cervix are…

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Family planning

Preparing a woman for pregnancy is a crucial part of family planning, where a specialist ascertains fertility, as well as the risks of pregnancy and childbirth. Consulting a gynecologist before attempting to have children can dramatically improve the experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

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Family Planning Services Sterilization…

For those who seek to postpone having a baby, or just stop having one, our family planning services unit is the right place to come to. Our gynaecologists advise you on the best possible contraception and sterilization options.

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Post Natal care

Postnatal care is very important for the newborn baby and mother. It is given immediately after childbirth and continues up to 6 to 4 weeks. It includes breastfeeding, providing hygienic skin and umbilical cord care, keeping the bay warm and counselling and educating the mother about child care.

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Menopausal Clinic

Menopause is when menstrual periods stop permanently, and the woman is no longer conceive through the natural process. It is the normal part of ageing. At Manipal, a separate clinic is available for the treatment and effective counselling for menopause.

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Cervical Cerclage

Cervical Cerclage is the medical procedure for improving cervical weakness in pregnant women. Synthetic tapes or sutures reinforce the cervix strength. It is performed to prevent miscarriage or premature birth due to cervix shortening or opening of cervix too early during pregnancy.

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PCO clinic

Poly-Cystic Ovarian syndrome is a fairly common disorder experienced by many women. Treatment is available with doctors who can help monitor and control the condition with personalized diet and lifestyle plans for individual patients.

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Puberty Disorders

Puberty is the process a girl’s body goes through as she develops into an adult. Some of the common puberty disorders treated at Manipal Hospitals by our gynaecologists include Delayed puberty – puberty hasn't started by age 13; Precocious puberty – puberty begins too early, before age 7 or 8 in girls; Contrasexual pubertal development – development…

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Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows your doctor to look inside your uterus in order to diagnose and treat causes of abnormal bleeding. Hysteroscopy is done using a hysteroscope, a thin, lighted tube that is inserted into the vagina to examine the cervix and inside of the uterus.

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Well women Clinic

We understand that women are naturally predisposed to several changes in their body in their lifetime – starting from menstruation and childbirth to menopause and age-related gynaecological health issues. This is why our dedicated and specialized Well Women Clinic seeks to address all their conditions with responsibility and consideration. Our Well…

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Laparoscopy is a procedure performed to view the abdominal and reproductive organs. The doctor determines the reason for pain or other pelvic region or abdomen complications through laparoscopy.

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Genetic Counseling

A tremendously specialized medical field, genetics is about heredity and certain risk factors involved in the genes. Every child inherits genes from both of their biological parents and these genes in turn express specific traits.

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Chronic Villous Sampling

Basically a prenatal test in which a sample of the chorionic villi is removed from the placenta for testing, Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) ing (CVS) is a prenatal test that is used to detect birth defects, genetic diseases, and other problems during pregnancy.

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Robotic Surgery in gynaecology

The field of robotic surgery has developed rapidly, and its use to treat gynaecologic conditions has grown exponentially. Harnessing their skills to operate this state of the art machine, gynaeco surgeons at Manipal Hospitals operate the robot arms to perform some of the exacting gynaecological surgeries way beyond what a human hand could possibly…

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Menopause Clinic

Menopause is a natural part of ageing when a woman stops having her monthly period. It is a normal process marking the end of a woman's reproductive years. However, some women cannot handle menopause well because of a few irregularities in their menstrual cycle such as early menopause either as a result of a surgical intervention such as removal of…

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Pre menopausal and Post menopausal…

Perimenopause is early menopause and can begin eight to 10 years before menopause sets in when the ovaries gradually produce less estrogen. It usually starts in a woman's 40s, but can start in the 30s as well. At this stage, many women can experience menopause symptoms in spite of still having menstrual cycles during this time, and can get pregnant.

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In this surgical procedure, abnormal tissue or cancerous cells are removed using extremely cold temperatures. Liquid Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, or argon is used for cryosurgery. The gas at an extremely cold temperature freezes the tissue instantly and destroys the target cells.

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Fibroid Clinic

Medical research confirms that 70-80 percent of women will develop uterine fibroids in their lifetime. Fibroids are benign growths of muscle cells and tissues and pose no risk of turning cancerous. However, in some women, especially during menopause, fibroids can cause a variety of health conditions that include heavy or prolonged periods, bleeding…

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Infertility Clinic Treatment

Infertility is when women cannot conceive even after one year of trying. There are many underlying reasons for it. We at Manipal have a team of experienced fertility experts. They examine and study the underlying causes of infertility to help with the best possible treatment and options.

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Day Care Procedures

All our women and child clinics are highly competent to conduct various tests and perform procedures that do not require hospitalization. Some of these include Cervical (Cone) Biopsy Colporrhaphy or surgical repair of the vaginal wall, Colposcopy to detect cervical cancer signs, Dilation and Curettage (D&C), Endometrial Ablation, Endometrial or Uterine…

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Each pregnancy is different even if it’s your tenth. We understand this perfectly and strive to meet the individual needs of your pregnancy and your newborn’s. Our obstetric care team is one of the finest in the country and supports you to understand your pregnancy and preferences.

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Women often neglect their health in their endeavor to care for their family’s wellbeing. Steadfast in our belief that all women especially after 35 should have an annual check-up we conduct routine tests through the year, backed by comprehensive assistance and counselling. In addition to performing these vital screening tests, we also review women’s…

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This is one of the foremost tests in assisted reproduction that gives hope to millions of couples who want to have a baby. Follicular study and monitoring are done to study ovarian follicles that are used to identify ovulation of egg. It is an ultrasound scan done inside the vagina to study the ovaries, uterus and uterus lining. A follicle scan should…

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Gynecologist in Bangalore

Treatment for various diseases related to obstetrics and gynaecology are available at Manipal hospitals, Varthur. Some disorders include menstrual disorders, pelvic pain, cervical dysplasia, uterine fibroids, urinary incontinence, gynaecological cancer, pelvic floor prolapse, prenatal and postnatal care, biopsy, and diseases requiring surgical interventions. 

Some of the procedures available at Manipal hospitals, Varthur, are:

  • Cryosurgery
  • Cervical Biopsy
  • USG Scan
  • Non-Stress Test (NST)
  • Hysterectomy
  • Infertility Clinic treatment
  • IUCD ( Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device)Insertion
  • Menopausal clinic
  • Cervical Cerclage
  • Postnatal care
  • Laparoscopy
Obstetrician & Gynecologist in Bangalore

Facilities & Services

Manipal Hospital, Varthur, is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and patient-centric holistic services to cater for the various healthcare requirement of women. The facilities available include OPD and in-patient facilities, screening tests involving mammograms,  scans, labour room facilities, neonatal intensive care units, dedicated critical care units and emergency services. The facilities have made Manipal the best gynaecology hospital in Varthur Road.


A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in women's reproductive health. Obstetricians care for women during their pregnancy and just after the baby is born. They also deliver babies. An ob-gyn is trained to do all of these things.

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