Narcoanalysis treatment in Bangalore


Narcoanalysis treatment in Bangalore

Narcoanalysis is a form of psychological treatment in which patients are induced into a semi-conscious state using drugs to facilitate communication and recall memories. The technique has been used for centuries, but its modern incarnation was developed in the early 20th century. It has been employed to treat various mental disorders, but its use has declined in recent years due to ethical concerns.

Narcoanalysis involves the administration of a short-acting barbiturate, typically sodium pentothal, which induces a state of deep relaxation and drowsiness. The therapist then asks the patient questions to uncover hidden memories or emotions. The therapist may also use hypnosis during the session.


Before a person undergoes narcoanalysis treatment, they will usually be given a physical examination to ensure they are healthy enough to take the drug. They will also be asked about their medical history and any medications that they are taking. They will be asked to sign a consent form and be given instructions about what to expect during the treatment. The treatment usually takes place in a hospital or clinic, and the person will be monitored during the treatment. Book an appointment to have the best treatment.


Narcoanalysis treatment, also known as truth serum treatment, is a procedure where a person is given a psychoactive drug to induce sleep and help them to relax. The treatment aims to allow the person to talk freely and openly about their thoughts and feelings without feeling inhibited or embarrassed. The drug used in narcoanalysis treatment is a barbiturate or a benzodiazepine, usually given intravenously.

The person receiving the narcoanalysis treatment will usually be asked to talk about their problems or issues while under the drug's influence. The hope is that the person will be more honest and open about their thoughts and feelings while under the drug's influence and that this will help to resolve their issues. There is no guarantee that narcoanalysis treatment will be successful, and there is some risk that the person may say things that they would not normally say or that they may not be able to remember what they have said.


After the narcoanalysis treatment, the person will be asked to rest for a while. They may be given a sedative to help them sleep, and they will be monitored for any side effects. The person will usually be able to go home the same day, but they may need to stay overnight in the hospital if they have any serious side effects. Visit our psychiatry hospital in Bangalore for the best treatment.

Risks involved

There are several risks involved in narcoanalysis treatment. The person may experience side effects from the drug, such as dizziness, drowsiness, or nausea. In rare cases, the person may have a seizure or an allergic reaction to the drug.

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