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Gender Disorder Clinic is a clinic that specialises in the treatment of gender disorders. Gender disorders are conditions where a person’s physical appearance and/or gender identity do not match their biological sex. People with gender disorders may identify as the opposite gender, both genders, or no gender. They may also experience dysphoria, which is a feeling of discomfort or distress due to the mismatch between their gender identity and their physical appearance.  

Gender Disorder Clinic offers a variety of gender disorder treatment in Sarjapur Road for gender disorders, including hormone therapy, surgery, and counselling. Hormone therapy can help people with gender disorders to align their physical appearance with their gender identity. Surgery can also be used to alter the physical appearance of people with gender disorders. Counselling can help people with gender disorders to deal with the psychological aspects of their condition. 


Before any gender-affirming procedures, patients suffering from the conditions must first meet with a gender disorder clinic to discuss their goals and expectations. The clinic will also assess the patient's overall mental and physical health to ensure they are a good candidate for surgery. If the clinic staff feels the patient is ready and suitable for surgery, they will then provide them with a list of recommended surgeons. It is important to note that not all clinics offer the same gender-affirming procedures. 


The Gender Disorder Clinic is a specialised clinic that provides care and treatment for patients with a gender identity disorder. The clinic offers a variety of services, including psychiatric evaluation, hormone therapy, and surgical consultation. The clinic is staffed by a team of specialists who are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of gender identity disorder.  

The first step in the process is to schedule an appointment with the clinic. During the initial visit, the patient will meet with a psychiatrist to discuss their symptoms and concerns. The psychiatrist will conduct a psychological evaluation to determine if the patient meets the criteria for a diagnosis of gender identity disorder.  

If the patient is diagnosed with gender identity disorder, they will be referred to a gender specialist for further evaluation. The gender specialist will discuss the treatment options with the patient and develop a treatment plan. Treatment options may include hormone therapy, psychological counselling, and surgery.  

The Gender Disorder Clinic is committed to providing comprehensive and individualised care for each patient. The clinic works closely with the patient to ensure that they receive the treatment and support they need to live a happy and healthy life. 


After a person has undergone gender disorder treatment at a clinic, they will likely experience a range of emotions. These may include relief, happiness, sadness, anxiety, and confusion. It is important to talk to a therapist or counsellor about these emotions to process them and to ensure that the individual is on the right track. The individual may also experience physical changes such as hair loss, weight gain, and changes in sexual function. It is important to discuss these changes with a doctor to make sure that they are not indicative of a more serious problem. 

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