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Paediatric Genital reconstructive surgery

Paediatric Genital Reconstructive Surgery

Paediatric Genital reconstructive surgery (Hypospadias DSD)
This type of surgery involves the reconstruction of complex urinary and genital anomalies in children to prevent complications in their growing years. It is also done to correct genital deformities. 
Hypospadias is a congenital disorder of sex development (DSD) found in male babies. Due to this condition, the penis not only looks abnormal but also does not work normally. Surgery to shape it into a normal functioning one is the only option.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
With over decades of experience in genital reconstruction in children, our team of urologists and urosurgeons employ the best practices in penile reconstruction, especially in the case of hypospadias DSD. In Hypospadias, the opening or hole at the tip of the penis from where urine and semen is expelled is not where it should normally be. Instead it is found either on the underside of the penis, or on the scrotum. Hypospadias is most often noticed at birth. Not only is the hole in the wrong place, but the foreskin is often not completely formed on its underside. This leaves the tip of the penis exposed. 

Solutions for Hypospadias
Surgery is the only option for this disorder and most uro surgeons prefer to do it on children between one year and six. The uro surgeons at Manipal Hospitals too aim to reconstruct the penis to make it function normally for a lifetime. And they are extremely successful to this end. The surgery involves the shaping of a normal, straight penis with a urinary channel that ends at or near the tip. The operation mostly involves the straightening of the shaft, making the urinary channel, positioning the hole in the head of the penis, and circumcising or reconstructing the foreskin. The procedure duration ranges from 90 minutes to 3 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia.

Complexities of Hypospadias surgery
The most common problem after surgery is a hole ("fistula") forming in another place on the penis. This is from a new path forming from the urethra to the skin. Scars can also form in the channel or the urethral opening. 

Number of cases
Paediatric uro surgeons at Manipal Hospitals have performed over 10 lakh genital reconstruction surgeries.

Infection control protocol
Our little patients are made utterly comfortable and safe from infections in our safe and controlled environment. 

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