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Orbit Services

An eye and orbit ultrasound use high-frequency sound waves to measure and create a detailed image of the eye as well as the orbit (the socket that holds your eye).

A routine eye examination cannot provide the same level of detail as this test.

An ultrasound technician or an ophthalmologist (a physician who specialises in diagnosing and treating eye disorders and diseases) conducts the procedure (sometimes referred to as an eye examination).

An eye examination can be carried out in an office or a hospital.

The procedure

Ultrasounds of the eye and orbit consist of two components. A-scan ultrasound is used to measure the size of your eye. With a B-scan, your physician can view the structures in the back of your eye.

Combined A and B scans will take 15 to 30 minutes.

Performing an a-scan

An A-scan measures the size of the eye. Thus, the correct lens implant for cataract surgery can be identified.

In a chair, put your chin on a chin rest and look straight ahead. The front portion of your eye will be scanned with the assistance of an oiled probe.

You are also able to undergo an A-scan while lying down. As you are scanned, a fluid-filled cup or water bath is placed against the surface of your eye.

Infrared spectroscopy

Your physician may be able to view the space behind your eye using a B-scan. It is difficult to see the back of the eye due to cataracts and other eye conditions. B-scans are also used to diagnose tumours, retinal tears, and other conditions.

You will lie on your back with your eyes closed during a B-scan. You will be given a gel to put on your eyelids. When they instruct you to move your eyeballs in different directions, you should keep your eyes closed. In order to measure the thickness of your eyelids, your physician will place a probe against them.

Oculoplastic servicesThe field of oculoplastic surgery, which focuses on the health of the eyelids, orbit, tear ducts, and other structures around the eye, is often termed oculofacial or ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery. Drooping eyelids, blocked tear ducts, orbital fractures, and tumours of the eye can all be treated by oculoplastic surgery. Even though oculoplastic surgery is frequently medically necessary, many people choose to undergo the procedure simply for cosmetic reasons. Book an appointment to have the best treatment.The Blepharoplasty procedure

Excess eyelid skin and lowered eyebrows may make you appear older, tired and/or distressed. In addition to appearing as a result of ageing for many individuals, upper eyelid heaviness and drooping can also occur at an early age. A change in the shape of the face may lead to more serious consequences. Excess skin may limit your peripheral vision or adversely affect the health of your eyes.

Blepharoplasty, also referred to as a lifting of the lids, is a commonly performed procedure in the field of oculoplastics. As part of a lid lift, excess skin has been removed from the upper or lower eyelids, reducing the "baggy" appearance and restoring any lost function. Visit our eye care hospital in Bangalore for the best treatment.