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Obstetrics Services


General Obstetric Care
Each pregnancy is different even if it’s your tenth. We understand this perfectly and strive to meet the individual needs of your pregnancy and your newborn’s. Our obstetric care team is one of the finest in the country and supports you to understand your pregnancy and preferences. 

High Risk Pregnancy Care
When a woman’s pregnancy is a high risk one, it can adversely affect the baby growing in her womb. Some causes for high risk pregnancy are high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, or other underlying chronic health problem. She and the baby are in a delicate state of health and need extremely specialized care and treatment and in some cases, bed rest.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals

At Manipal Hospitals, our brilliant obstetric care experts are adept in handling the most high risk pregnancies with utmost care to put you at ease and keep you under the safety of a caring support team till your baby arrives. During this time, your health will be constantly monitored to take you safely and comfortably through your precious pregnancy.

Painless Labour
Strides made in the medical field have enabled the safest of health treatment. This includes labour during child birth. While going into labour is a natural though painful process at the time of a baby’s birth, painkilling medications have enabled women to have a painless childbirth. An epidural is an injection of an anesthetic into the spine or epidural area which relaxes the vaginal muscles to make space for the baby to be delivered the natural way.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
Our obstetric care team at Manipal Hospitals ensures your wish to have painless labour is realized and aspires to make it a comfortable and easy birth. 

Sometimes, a woman’s cervix – the lowest end of the uterus – may be weak to carry a pregnancy through because it opens up easily leading to a miscarriage. Cervical cerclage is a surgical procedure in which sutures or synthetic tape is used to reinforce the cervix especially in women with a short cervix. This purpose is to increase the mechanical strength of the cervix, thereby preventing passive dilatation and premature delivery.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
Gynaecosurgeons at Manipal Hospitals are some of the best in their league to perform this highly specialized procedure to ensure you complete your full term of pregnancy in comfort. 

Normal Delivery
A normal delivery is a process of childbirth where the woman delivers her baby through the natural route without any medical or surgical aids. To be prepared for any emergency during normal birth, our gynaecologists and obstetricians are close at hand to tackle the complexities.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
At Manipal Hospitals, our team of obstetricians encourages and supports natural childbirth due to the high rate of successful deliveries through the vaginal route. However, only if they foresee complexities during labour, do they recommend a C-section.

Caesarian birth
While normal vaginal childbirth is the natural process, some complexities may arise, propelling obstetricians to opt for a Caeserian section or C section surgery. Cesarean delivery is the surgical delivery of a baby through an incision in the mother's abdomen and uterus.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
With a vast body of experience in performing Caeserian deliveries, our obstetricians at Manipal Hospitals have a high success rate in this domain of expertise to ensure safe C-section deliveries.

Endoscopy during pregnancy when necessary
At one point, endoscopy during pregnancy was believed to endanger the foetus in the womb. Therefore it is generally discouraged endoscopy during pregnancy and, if absolutely necessary, recommended that procedures occur during the second trimester. In these cases, our team of obstetricians at Manipal Hospitals discusses and plans the best line of treatment to handle both options.

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