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Consultant - Surgical Gastroenterology Bariatric and GI oncology

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Reviewed by

Dr. Lohith U

Consultant - Surgical Gastroenterology Bariatric and GI oncology

Manipal Hospitals, Sarjapur Road

Pros and Cons of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Reviewed by:

Dr. Lohith U

Posted On: Oct 10, 2022

Laparoscopic Surgery in Sarjapur Bangalore

Laparoscopic surgery is also known as keyhole surgery. This involves a small cut on the abdominal wall to access the abdomen and its organs. The procedure is named after the laparoscope, a thin instrument with a tiny camera and light on the end. Usually, the instrument is used to visualize the condition inside the patient’s body before proceeding with the main procedure. A specialized instrument called a Port is used, to begin with, the laparoscopic surgery where a small 3 mm instrument is placed halfway to initiate the further procedure. 

Traditional surgery is usually done for cases that include an appendix, gallbladder, and hernia surgery whereas, more complicated surgery including cancer surgeries is more frequently done using the laparoscopic method. Some cancer surgeries where the laparoscopic technique is frequently used are colorectal cancer, and large bowel cancer followed by liver cancer surgeries, pancreas surgery, gallbladder cancer surgery, etc. On the other side, bariatric surgeries are also done minimally invasively which is basically a weight loss surgery that can be done through laparoscopy. Consult with our Laparoscopic Surgeon in Sarjapur Bangalore for more clarity on the treatment procedure.

Risk Factors of Laparoscopic Surgery

In recent years, considering the innovative technological advancement in surgical practice, laparoscopic surgery addressed as the most important development. The elimination of access trauma during operation is a crucial component of laparoscopic surgery which significantly increases the value of this process. Along with that the procedure is known as less intrusive, debilitating, and disfiguring and also allows a shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery. However, in accordance with the premise that "all operations have some risk of complications," laparoscopic surgery has its share of issues too. The risk factors are as follows:

  • Hernia

  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia

  • Blood clots

  • Bleeding and the potential need for a blood transfusion

  • In internal structures such as blood vessels, the stomach, bowel, bladder, or ureter a risk of damage

  • Infection

  •  Abdominal infection or inflammation 

Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery

The multiple advantages of laparoscopic surgery include the fact that it’s a keyhole surgery with minimal access, so, the pain of surgery is very minimal and the recovery is much faster. Simple surgeries like gallbladder surgery, hernia surgery, and appendix surgery are done as a day-care process, which means the patient can come early in the morning to get the surgery done, and by end of the day, they can be discharged. Whereas, more complex surgery such as cancer surgery, and bariatric surgery are done as open surgeries with 10 to 15 cm of cut in the abdomen. Regarding recovery, the patient has to stay in the hospital for the next 4 to 5 days after surgery. But with more advanced laparoscopic surgeries and with advanced instruments, patient recovery is much faster. Book an appointment at our Laparoscopy Hospital in Sarajapur Bangalore for weight loss treatment.

The recovery reduces even 50% on day 2 or day 3; they are usually fit to go home even after cancer surgery. Another advantage includes lesser blood loss as the more the cut the bigger the blood loss would be but because of laparoscopy, the blood loss is much lesser. Surgery-associated complexity especially wound-related complications such as wound infection, and hernia formation is much higher in open surgery, whereas the chances are lower in laparoscopic surgery. 

Dr. Lohith U

Consultant - Surgical Gastroenterology, Bariatric And GI Oncology

Manipal Hospitals, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

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