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Prevent Cervical Cancer By Getting Early Vaccination

Posted On: Jan 30, 2023

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Cervical Cancer Treatment in Sarjapur Road

Cervical cancer was the most common cancer in women in India 2 decades back and even today continues to be the 2nd most common cancer in women with more than 1 lakh new cases per year as per Globocan 2020. As per the National Cancer Registry 2020, close to 60% of patients with cancer of the cervix present with loco-regional spread. 

In such cases of locally advanced cervical cancer, the main modality of treatment is Chemoradiation. In this type of treatment, along with daily radiation, small doses of weekly chemotherapy are administered to enhance the effect of radiation. The addition of chemotherapy along with radiation has resulted in improved survival with a reduced risk of recurrence. For the best cervical cancer treatment in Sarjapur Road, contact us. 

Treatment of Cervical Cancer

The treatment of cervical cancer is determined by various criteria, including the stage of cancer, any other health issues you may have, and your personal preferences. The addition of targeted therapy like bevacizumab to chemotherapy has improved outcomes, and now immunotherapy, in which the body’s immune system is activated to fight cancer, has also shown promising benefits in treatment at this stage. Also, surgery is frequently used to treat cervical cancer in its early stages. The optimal procedure for you will depend on the size and stage of your cancer, as well as on whether you intend to get pregnant in the future.

Preventive Measures of Cervical Cancer

  • The focus needs to be on the prevention of this disease, which is predominantly caused by the Human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection.

  • A 3-dose vaccine given over 6 months, ideally between the ages of 9-12 years in females, helps to provide significant protection against HPV infection.

  • Catch-up vaccination up to the age of 26 years can also be carried out in those who have not received it before.  Hence, ensuring adequate vaccination coverage would help in realising the goal of the potential eradication of this cancer.

  • Before engaging in sexual activity and being exposed to HPV, females should ideally receive the vaccine. Though sexually active females may benefit from vaccination to a lesser extent, this is due to the possibility that they have already been exposed to one or more of the HPV strains that the vaccines aim to prevent. Girls or women don't need to have an HPV or Pap test to determine whether they need the vaccine.

  • Even after receiving all of the recommended doses of the HPV vaccine, women must undergo regular cervical cancer screenings, as the vaccine does not protect from all types of cervical cancer. To get cervical cancer vaccination, consult a cancer surgeon in Sarjapur Road.

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