Nosebleed in Children

Posted On Feb 11, 2022

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Dr. Anitha Kumari A M

Consultant – Ear Nose & Throat Surgery

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Most of us have seen or experienced nasal bleeds at least once during our growing years. It naturally causes stress for the child concerned and panic among the caretakers. Fortunately, most often the cause is not very serious.

Why does it happen?

It occurs when small blood vessels in the lining of the nasal cavity rupture.

In children, the common causes are: 

  • nose picking

  • Allergies and colds with the forceful blowing of the nose

  • Sticking objects into the nose 

  • Trauma

Rarer causes include:

  • Disorders in the blood like clotting abnormalities

  • Gross structural variations in the nose

  • Growths in the nasal and sinuses(air-filled cavities in the skull)

  • Certain medications

  • Toxic fume exposure

What First aid measure each parent should be aware of?

  • Pacify the child and reassure him

  • Make him sit upright so that blood drips down from the nose and into a towel

  • Ask him to breathe through his mouth

  • Pinch the nose below the bony framework with fingers or a cold cloth tightly for 5 minutes, then release to check if the bleeding has stopped, if not continue This can be repeated twice

Once the bleeding stops one can visit the ENT doctor. If you are looking for a hospital for nosebleed treatment in children in Bangalore then book an appointment with Manipal Hospital now!

When should one rush for medical help?

  • Bleeding is profuse with blood collecting in the mouth and flowing out

  • Bleeding is following a fall and head injury

  • The child is weak, sweaty, dizzy or unresponsive

  • Vomiting of blood or brownish fluid

  • Sudden bleed after intake of new medication 

When a child with this complaint is brought to the hospital the initial examination after a quick history taking is aimed at checking the vitals to make sure the child is stable. Once these are secured the search for the cause for ultimate cessation of bleeding is done by the ENT surgeon.

In the vast majority, an examination of the nose and an endoscopic examination if required reveals the bleeding area. The condition is treated medically and at times chemical cauterization of the bleeding vessel. Radiological investigations are advised only if one suspects extra growths in the region.

When the child is below 2 years of age one rules out trauma, and checks for blood disorders. When an adolescent male comes with frequent bleeds with nose block one check for growth in the posterior aspect of the nose called nasopharyngeal angiofibroma, 

In a nutshell, this should not arouse panic, If first aid measures do not succeed, visit the medical centre and most of the time the cause is trivial and can be easily tackled.

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