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Radiation Oncology is the branch of cancer therapy which makes use of a high-energy radiation beam to target and destroy the cancer cells and stop their replication inside the body. Radiation therapy can be used alone or as an adjunct therapy along with surgery and chemotherapy for the management of cancer.

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Why Manipal?

The Department of Radiotherapy (Oncology Radiation) consists of a highly qualified and experienced team of radiation oncologists, medical physicists and the best radiotherapy in Bangalore, backed by state-of-the-art equipment capable of delivering a precise dose of radiation accurately to the tumour with minimum damage to normal structures. The department has upgraded its technology from time to time and currently ofoffershe an entire range of radiation oncology services, including, 3D conformal radiotherapy, IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, SRS, SRT, SBRT, total body irradiation, brachytherapy-intracavitary and interstitial implants. Patients with other comorbidities are treated under a single roof, as Manipal Hospitals is an Oncology Hospital in Bangalore offering multidisciplinary care not only in oncology but well supported by all super speciality departments and highly advanced diagnostic departments. The department is one of the leading centres in the field of brachytherapy (insertion of radioactive implants in the tissue). The department is equipped with the latest Elekta Infinity comprehensive image-guided radiation therapy system with volumetric modulated arc therapy VMAT, Varian GammaMed brachytherapy system, Philips Brilliance Big bore oncology four-dimensional CT Simulator, Varian Acuity conventional simulator, Philips ADAC Pinnacle treatment planning system, Varian Eclipse contouring workstation with brachytherapy planning.

Treatment & Procedures

Volumetric Modulated Arc (VMAT)

This technology is useful for delivering radiation therapy near sensitive body organs. The key advantages of this technology include high precision, faster treatment and also reduced risk of side-effects.

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Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)

It involves a single radiation treatment to destroy small tumours in the brain or in the body.

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Radiation Treatment Process Instruction

Radiation therapy uses waves of energy, such as light or heat, to treat cancers, other tumor and conditions. The form of radiation used in cancer therapy is a high-energy type known as ionizing radiation.

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Dedicated Big Bore 4D CT Simulator

4D CT simulation helps in knowing the movement of the tumour due to respiration. By using 4D CT simulator we can exactly know how much the tumour moves during respiration and give adequate margins to encompass the tumor while treating it with radiation.

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Types of Radiation Treatment

Radiation Oncology is the branch of cancer therapy which makes use of high-energy radiation beams to target and destroy the cancer cells and stop their replication inside the body. Radiation therapy can be used alone or as an adjunct therapy along with surgery and chemotherapy for the management of cancer.

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Eclipse contouring stations and…

Our Hospital is equipped with efficient and advanced treatment planning tools that allow the Radiation Oncology in tailoring treatment as per individual patient need.

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Hypofractionated Radiation Treatment

It is used as an adjunct therapy in early-stage breast cancer patients undergoing breast conservative surgery. As compared to conventional radiation therapy, this treatment requires fewer therapy sessions.

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Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRT)

It is also employed for precise destruction of tumour cells in the brain and the spinal cord. As compared to SRS, it makes use of a series of radiation therapy over a shorter time.

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Image-guided Brachytherapy (IGBT)

It makes use of advanced imaging technology for accurate, safe and effective placement of radioactive implants (intracavitary/interstitial implant) close to the cancer tissue. It is used alone or in combination with external radiotherapy.

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Stereotactic body/ablative radiotherapy…

It is used for precise targeting of tumours in the lungs, spine, liver, neck, lymph node or other soft tissues. It makes use of 3D imaging to target high doses of radiation to the tumor in a short overall number of treatment days (usually 1 to 5 days treatment).

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Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy…

An advanced form of radiation oncology that makes use of computer-assisted technology to deliver precise radiation dose at a specific area. The radiation dose intensity can be varied throughout the treatment fields.

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Image-guided radiation treatment…

This technology is used to target tumours that move, such as the lungs, prostate, liver. Imaging (X-ray) is used along with radiation therapy to improve the precision and accuracy of radiation delivery.

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3D Conformal Radiotherapy (3D…

An advanced form of cancer treatment where the radiation beams are focused to match the exact shape of cancer to kill them precisely and avoid harm to surrounding normal healthy cells.

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Radiation Treatment Planning Process

Radiation treatment planning is done before beginning radiation treatment. Radiation oncologist and the radiation therapy team carefully plan the treatment in a process called radiation simulation. Treatment planning usually involves positioning your body, making marks on your skin and taking imaging. They plan the appropriate external beam radiotherapy…

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Respiratory Active Breath Coordination…

This technology provides non-invasive immobilisation of internal organs that are affected by breathing during treatment. It is useful for minimising the risk of radiation exposure to the heart during the treatment of left breast tumours.

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Best Radiotherapy Centers In Bangalore

Our comprehensive cancer centre’s radiation oncology wing incepted in 1992 is one of the first private radiation oncology centres in Bangalore. Manipal Hospitals is the best hospital for radiotherapy in Bangalore, having the best oncologists to provide the treatment and care you need.

Radiotherapy in Bangalore

Facilities & Services

  • Elekta infinInfinityar accelerator: 3DCRT / IMRT/ IGRT/ VMAT/SRS/SRT/electrons.

  • Phillips big-bore brilliance radiotherapy planning CT scanner with 4-dimensional CT scan.

  • Varian Eclipse contouring workstations along with brachytherapy planning.

  • Phillips ADAC Pinnacle radiotherapy treatment planning system.

  • GammaMed high-dose-rate brachytherapy system - image-guided brachytherapy, intracavitary and interstitial implant brachytherapy.


No external-beam radiation therapy is not painful. 
During brachytherapy, the patient will be anaesthetized to block pain sensation while placing the radioactive source inside the body.

Most radiation therapy lasts not more than 5 to 20 minutes. In most cases, treatment is spread over several weeks to allow healthy cells to recover in between treatment. Visit Manipal Hospitals for radiotherapy treatment in Bangalore.

Radiation therapy is used as curative treatment and in early stages of cancer, the cure rates are upto 90 to 95%. However in advanced stages cure rates are 40 to 70 %, which depends on the type of cancer. It is also helpful in relieving cancer-associated pain and improving patient's quality of life significantly. For example, radiation therapy is extremely effective in the overall management of prostate cancer with a 5-year survival rate of 98%.

Radiation therapy or radiotherapy is the treatment of cancer using high-energy radiation beams.

Radiation oncology is the branch of medicine that deals with the management of cancer and its associated symptoms using radiotherapy. Visit Manipal Hospitals, radiotherapy in Bangalore.

Cancer is a condition characterised by uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells inside the body. These cells, if left to grow inside the body, rapidly destroy the normal healthy cells thereby hindering normal body functioning. Radiation therapy is a type of cancer treatment, which makes use of a high-energy radiation beam to kill cancer cells by damaging their DNA. When the DNA is damaged, the cancer cells are unable to multiple, thus they die, are broken down and removed from the body. This enables the patient to live a longer healthy life.

The amount and the number of radiotherapy treatments differ from patient to patient depending upon the type of cancer, area to be irradiated, age, etc. As each organ can receive a limited amount of radiation to avoid complete tissue destruction, detailed radiation planning is done by the Radiation Oncologist before therapy.

Food plays an important role in reducing complications related to radiation therapy. Some foods may increase your risk of infections. You are advised to avoid food rich in unpeeled fruits and vegetables, spicy and oily food. Visit Manipal Hospitals, the radiation therapy hospital in Bangalore for the treatment.

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