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MARS-NOW (Neonatal-care On Wheels): The Care Your Newborn Deserves

Every newborn deserves the warmest embrace, softest touch, and expert medical care in the first few hours following birth. The neonatology department at Manipal Hospitals Old Airport Road, Bangalore doesn’t just address medical needs, we offer a profound commitment to nurturing lives, especially those taking their first steps with health challenges or are born prematurely. Here, cutting-edge technology and heartfelt compassion come together, promising your newborn a safe and nurturing life. We understand your love for your child. We are here, around the clock, ensuring your little one’s journey starts with the best care.

Recognising the Need: When Does a Newborn Require Immediate NICU Care?

In the whirlwind of emotions accompanying a newborn's birth or illness, it can be challenging to recognize when dedicated care is required. Understanding the signs and situations necessitating such immediate intervention can make a life-altering difference.

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Here are some scenarios where enhanced NICU care becomes necessary:

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MARS-NOW (Neonatal-care On Wheels)

When it comes to the well-being of a newborn, we want nothing but the best. MARS-NOW (Neonatal-care On Wheels) by Manipal Hospitals is designed to offer just that—a service that goes beyond the vicinity of a hospital to provide extraordinary care. It is not just transportation, but a seamless continuum of our neonatal care, even on the move. With our highly responsive neonatal care ambulance, the newborn is assured safe until s/he reaches one of Manipal hospitals’ units/other tertiary care centres for further care. At the heart of MARS-NOW are objectives meticulously designed to revolutionize neonatal care. Our mission is to serve and excel in providing immediate, specialized, and compassionate care.

Why Choose MARS-NOW?

MARS-NOW offers a lifeline for critically ill newborns by enabling access to advanced neonatal care on the move. The service is aligned with Manipal Hospitals' commitment to reducing preventable neonatal deaths and giving every infant a fighting chance. By providing ambulance services staffed by experts 24/7, MARS-NOW aims to make quality neonatal care accessible to all, addressing the challenges faced in neonatal transport and ensuring better outcomes for newborns and their families.

Specialised Neonatal Care on Wheel

MARS-NOW ambulances are advanced neonatal care units on wheels. Equipped with cutting-edge life support systems like incubators, ventilators, infusion pumps, and more, we bring NICU-level care right to your doorstep, ensuring that these sick and premature newborns receive the best possible care when we arrive. A Team of Neonatal Experts at Service Each MARS-NOW ambulance is staffed by a dedicated team that includes a neonatologist, a nurse, and a paramedic staff—all trained in intensive neonatal care and transport. This expert team can handle the tiniest babies and provide advanced care during the critical journey to the hospital.

Level III B NICU Equivalent Care

MARS-NOW offers care that is equivalent to a Level III B Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) available at Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore. This means that your newborn receives the highest standard of neonatal care available, even before reaching the hospital. Seamless Transition for Better Outcomes We understand that coordination is key in medical emergencies. That’s why MARS-NOW works closely with referring hospitals to ensure a seamless handover of neonates. From stabilising to the transfer to the MARS-NOW ambulance, we facilitate a smooth transition that prioritises these children’s well-being.

Uncompromising Safety and Sterility

Our ambulances are designed to provide a sterile, temperature-controlled environment. We adhere to strict protocols to prevent infections and ensure the safe transport of these little warriors.

Around-the-Clock Accessibility

Emergencies don't wait and neither do we! MARS-NOW is available 24/7, ensuring that we reach referral sites as quickly as possible. Depending on the situation, we also stabilise newborns in nearby hospitals before transferring them to the destination (Manipal Hospitals or other hospitals), ensuring that treatment begins at the earliest.

Reaching the Remote Corners

One of our most ambitious objectives is to extend our high-quality neonatal care to underserved and remote areas. Through our MARS-NOW, we aim to make dedicated neonatal care accessible to every newborn, no matter where they are born.

By choosing MARS-NOW, you’re not just opting for a service; you’re choosing a comprehensive, specialised, and compassionate approach to neonatal care.

Seamless Transition for Better Outcomes

We understand that coordination is key in medical emergencies. That's why MARS-NOW works closely with referring hospitals to ensure a seamless handover of neonates. From stabilising to the transfer to the MARS-NOW ambulance, we facilitate a smooth transition that prioritises these children’s well-being.

Setting the Gold Standard in Mobile Neonatal Care

Our vision is a promise - a promise to every parent, every newborn, and every healthcare provider—that when it comes to neonatal care, MARS-NOW will always strive for nothing less than excellence. We are here to redefine what's possible, to set new standards, and to ensure that every newborn has the best start in life.

How Does MARS-NOW Service Work?

The MARS-NOW service follows a streamlined process to ensure seamless, end-to-end care for critically ill newborns:

Referral and Activation

The referring hospital or doctor contacts the MARS-NOW call centre (2222 1111) for neonatal transport. The on-duty MARS-NOW team is activated.

Pre-transport Coordination

The team connects with the referral site to get patient details and coordinate care plans. The receiving NICU is informed.

Dispatch and Reaching Site

A team comprising nurses, doctors, and technicians is immediately dispatched to retrieve the baby from the location.

Stabilisation and Handover

The transport team takes over from the referring team. The baby is stabilised before travelling back to the hospital (Manipal Hospitals or other centres).

Transport and Monitoring

The baby is monitored through the video monitoring system and cared for by the expert NICU team from the receiving hospital.

Handover to Manipal Hospital’s NICU

The baby is handed over to the NICU team at the hospital, who are well-informed and ready for further management.


Rapid availability of a NICU is critical when a newborn needs prompt medical care unavailable
at the birth location. MARS-NOW solves this problem.

Some of the signs and conditions that require immediate transport of a newborn to a neonatal
care unit include:
● Premature birth
● Respiratory distress
● Low birth weight
● Congenital problems
● Severe jaundice
● Infections or sepsis
● Post-delivery complications

MARS-NOW offers a number of benefits, including:

● Specialised neonatal care on wheels
● A team of neonatal experts at your service
● Level III B NICU equivalent care
● Seamless transition for better outcomes
● Uncompromising safety and sterility
● 24/7 accessibility

You’ll need to follow these steps:
● Call the MARS-NOW hotline.
● Provide the necessary information, such as the newborn age, weight, and condition.
● A MARS-NOW ambulance will be dispatched to your location.
● The ambulance will be staffed by a team of neonatal experts, including a neonatologist,
a nurse, and a paramedic.
● The team will stabilize the newborn's condition before transporting them to the nearest

MARS-NOW charges can vary depending on the distance traveled and the nature of the
newborn condition.