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Surgical Oncology

Oncology Hospital in Mukundapur

The pinnacle of excellence in cancer care is the Department of Surgical Oncology at Manipal Hospitals Mukundapur. The department, which is made up of a dedicated team of highly experienced surgeons, oncologists, and doctors, is focused on giving patients with different types of cancer comprehensive and personalized treatment. To ensure the best results, cutting-edge surgical methods and state-of-the-art facilities are used. The department provides an extensive selection of surgical procedures that can be adapted to each patient's particular requirements, ranging from minimally invasive surgeries to complex actions. A comprehensive and incorporated treatment plan is ensured by a multidisciplinary approach that involves working in conjunction with other departments, such as radiation oncology and medical oncology. With a focus on creativity, investigation, and compassionate treatment of patients, the Surgical Oncology Department at Manipal Hospitals Mukundapur stands at the heart of the fight against cancer, offering hope and healing to those in need.

Surgical Oncology center in Mukundapur


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Why Manipal?

Lung cancer is a broad term that includes non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, lung carcinoid tumors, lymphomas of the lung, etc. Here at Manipal Hospitals, Mysore, we have all the recent treatment procedures, state-of-the-art facilities, and the best oncologists who strive to provide the ultimate care to every patient. There are renowned oncologists, like medical, surgical, radiation, gynecologic, pediatric, neuro-oncologists, etc., who are highly skilled and have expertise in their units. Find a specialized oncologist for particular treatments here at the hospital. Book an appointment to have the best treatment.

Treatment & Procedures

Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Although surgery is the most effective treatment for colorectal cancer, the oncologist sometimes suggests minimally invasive procedures like removing polyps through a colonoscopy. In other cases, when cancer has affected the length of the entire colon, the colon has to be removed completely. 

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Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery

Lesser invasive cancer surgery techniques are those that use different surgical instruments than the conventional surgical varieties. Smaller cuts are made on the body and hence lesser time is taken to recover from the surgical procedures. Some of the common minimally invasive procedures used are described as follows.

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VATS Lung Surgery in Mukundapur

Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) is also called Pleuroscopy, thoracoscopy or thoracoscopic surgery. It is a minimally invasive type of surgery and is performed in the chest region. A thoracoscopy is used combined with a video camera attached at one end that helps the surgeon to view the entire surgery on a connected screen.

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Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy…

This is a treatment for cancer in which anti-cancer drugs or chemotherapy drugs are pumped directly into the abdomen. The drugs are administered in large concentrations but are not very toxic to the body since they are not injected into the bloodstream. First, the chemotherapy drugs are heated to about 106 to 109 degrees Fahrenheit and then pumped.…

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Oncology hospital in Mukundapur

Manipal Hospital's expert pulmonologists and oncologists are specialized, trained, and experienced in diagnosing and treating lung cancer. Visit our best hospital in Mukundapur to consult with the experts.

Surgical Oncology hospital in Mukundapur

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