Best Hospital for Diabetes in Kolkata | Diabetes Centre in Mukundapur
Best Diabetes Hospital in Mukundapur | Diabetes Centre in Mukundapur

Diabetes and Endocrinology

Best Hospital for Diabetes in Kolkata | Diabetes Centre in Mukundapur

Manipal Hospitals Mukundapur has one of the best Diabetes and Endocrinology departments which stands at the peak of supremacy in the province of hormonal health. Our department is known for its cutting-edge facilities and thorough services along with that this unit is highly dedicated to addressing a variety of hormonal conditions with the help of advanced diagnostic procedures as well as therapeutic interventions. Encompassing an experienced team of diabetes experts, this department possesses a team of specialists accomplished in advanced symptomatic technologies. Given support from a coordinative network of another team of experts such as cardiologists, nurses, and pulmonologists, the entire squad of doctors operates with precision as well as efficiency, making sure accurate and smooth treatment solutions to divergent hormonal issues. The Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology at Manipal Hospitals Mukundapur, become apparent as a light of medical expertise, offering an all-inclusive approach to health related-hormones which merges with top-notch technology with the ultimate care of our experienced and proficient team of doctors.

Best Hospital for Diabetes in Kolkata | Diabetes Centre in Mukundapur


Know About Us

Why Manipal?

Manipal Hospitals' Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology is home to a team of expert endocrinologists who specialize in the treatment of hormonal issues. Through the department, patients have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities and treatments to help them recover from a wide range of medical issues.

Treatment & Procedures

Endocrine Therapy

This is a treatment done to add, block or remove hormones in the body. Depending on the nature of the hormonal disorder, an endocrinologist will recommend medication or treatment that increases or regulates the levels of a hormone or multiple hormones in the body. For example, diabetics are often given insulin to help control their blood sugar. It…

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We provide a dedicated dietician and diabetic educator under one roof. Our team of dieticians and diabetic educators are specialised in providing nutritional advice and tips on managing your health conditions and prevent further complications.

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Paediatric Growth Disorders

Growth disorders occur due to growth hormone disorder that prevents children from achieving normal height, weight, puberty, etc.

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Infertility And Sex-Related Disorders

Infertility is a reproductive system condition that occurs when a woman is unable to conceive after 12 months of sexual activity. Sexual related disorders can occur in both partners, lead to problems in every stage of the sexual response and prevent conception.

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Thyroid disorders

The Thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland that is located in the front of your neck. Thyroid disorders affect the thyroid gland when it produces too much or not producing sufficient T4 hormone. It can affect the structure or function of your thyroid gland.

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Cushing Syndrome

Cushing syndrome, also called hypercortisolism, involves exposure to excess amounts of cortisol which may cause a tumour.

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Best Hospital for Diabetes in Kolkata | Diabetes Centre in Mukundapur

In Endocrinology, testing and diagnostic procedures are some of the most important functions of the healthcare process. The labs at Manipal Hospitals are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and give our team of skilled endocrinologists the information they need to help you get better. For the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, Manipal Hospital's specialist endocrinologists are the right choice.

Testing and Diagnostic services include:

  • Five-Day Glucose Sensor (Diabetes) Test

  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

  • Urine Test

  • TSH Blood Test

  • Thyroid Scan

  • ACTH Stimulation Test

  • CRH Stimulation Test

  • Semen Analysis

  • Dexamethasone Suppression Test

  • Fine-needle aspiration Biopsy Test

  • Bone Density Test

Best Hospital for Diabetes in Kolkata | Diabetes Centre in Mukundapur

Facilities & Services

Treatments - Hormone regulation - Synthetic hormone treatment (insulin, thyroid etc.) - Surgery (In case of gland cancer) - Chemotherapy (In case of gland cancer)

Manipal Hospitals understands that the treatment of endocrinological disorders requires a long term approach. This is why Manipal Hospitals is dedicated to its patients and their long term health and its team of experienced experts is a testament to this. Contact us to know more about how to keep your endocrine system healthy and book an appointment with one of our experts today!