Immunology Treatment Hospital in Mukundapur
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Allergy and Immunology

Allergy & Immunology Treatment Hospital in Mukundapur

The branch of medicine known as allergy and immunology focuses on understanding, diagnosing, and treating immune system disorders, such as allergic disease, and symptoms and responses connected to it.

Immunology Treatment Hospital in Mukundapur


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Immunology Hospital in Mukundapur


The Distinctions Between Colds and Allergies

Allergies and colds may exhibit many of the same signs and symptoms, but some differences exist. A meal, medicine, insect bite, seasonal allergen, or environmental allergen can trigger an allergic reaction. Symptoms range from mild, stuffy or watery eyes, sneezing, hives, or coughing to potentially fatal anaphylaxis. Tightening of the airways, face, lips, eyes, and throat, swelling, severe vomiting, and heart failure are common signs of these intense responses.

Patients who have experienced severe reactions in the past or who are susceptible to anaphylaxis should use caution when exposed to trigger allergens. They must constantly carry life-saving emergency medication, such as epinephrine, if exposed. Common cold symptoms include sore throat, general aches and pains, and more severe lethargy. Colds can also be distinguished from other illnesses by the timing of their symptoms.


The Link Between Immunology and Allergy and the Body

The immune system impacts the entire body. Due to this, allergists and immunologists who treat patients with allergy illnesses or other immune diseases may also treat associated symptoms in other parts of the body, including the nose, lungs, bone marrow, skin, eyes, scalp, and skin. Book an appointment today at our Allergy & Immunology Treatment Hospital in Mukundapur.

Immunology Treatment Hospital in Mukundapur

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