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Welcome to Manipal Hospital’s ‘Health hub’ - a centre for all your healthcare needs. Manipal hospital, Pune has launched ‘The Health Hub’, to provide dedicated speciality care in the diagnosis and management of various medical conditions. Our Liver care clinic is one such speciality clinic that focuses on the comprehensive care and management of various liver conditions including congenital conditions, Liver fibrosis, liver failure, etc.

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Know About Us

Why Manipal?

  • Manipal Hospital is one of the best liver transplant hospitals in Baner providing comprehensive care, evaluation and management of all liver conditions under one roof. 

  • We have well-equipped with cutting edge technologies and highly qualified liver specialists in dwarka who are experienced in treating and diagnosing simple to complex liver conditions.

  • We provide holistic patient care including:


    • Consultation

    • Investigations

    • Medicines

    • Diet Counselling

    • Diet monitoring

    • Physiotherapy 

    • Health wearable

    • Patient education

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Why Liver Care Clinic?

Liver diseases are mostly silent and asymptomatic. Sometimes, the signs and symptoms of liver conditions can be very subtle and screening programs help in early detection of disease and prompt treatment. Unhealthy lifestyles such as excessive alcohol consumption can cause cirrhosis, while chronic hepatitis virus infection or diabetes can cause liver fibrosis or the scarring of the liver. To diagnose the liver diseases early, in the inflammation and fibrosis stages, a robust liver screening package and a dedicated liver clinic are very critical. When people are treated successfully at these stages, the liver may have a chance to heal itself and recover.

  • Worldwide, liver cirrhosis is the 14th most common cause of death and is predicted to be the 12th leading cause of death by 2020. Hepatocellular carcinoma or liver cancer in the 2nd most common cause of death due to malignancy. 

  • In India, liver disease is known to affect every 1 in 5 people. According to the World Health Organization, in India, liver disease is the 10th most common cause of death killing every 21 in 1 lakh patient. Every year around 10 lakh people are diagnosed with liver cirrhosis while killing1.4 million with viral hepatitis.

  • According to a community-level study (2018 - 2019) in Pune including 7,624 people, 35.5% were reported to have liver fibrosis of which 14% had advanced stage liver fibrosis, and 3% have irreversible liver damage.

How does the liver care clinic benefit a person?

  • Enrolment with the liver clinic ensures that the patient gets the benefit of all treatment options under one roof.

  • The hallmark of liver care clinic is to Predict, Prevent and Overcome early liver conditions

  • Supervision under Hepatologist

  • Health Mentor 

  • Habit Optimisation  

  • Personalised Health, Diet and Lifestyle counselling

  • Liver Support Group Program

  • Specialised healthcare packages, economical and tailored to the need of the patient.

  • An expert team of the critical care team, cardiologists, hepatologist and gastroenterologist, endoscopy specialists, endocrinologists (anaesthesia team,  minimally invasive surgeons, and best liver transplant surgeons in Pune to tend to the most intriguing of cases. 

  • Manipal Hospital has liver specialists in Pune and has state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical technology to prescribe the most effective treatment protocols for conditions such as colitis, bile reflux, gastritis, cirrhosis, acute liver failure, oesophageal cancer and so on.  


Our Services

  • Fibro scan

  • Hydrogen breathe study

  • Endoscopic procedures

    • ERCP

    • Colonoscopy

  • Liver Transplant

  • Liver surgeries (Open, Laparoscopic and Robotic)

    • Hepatocellular carcinoma or liver cancer

    • Hepatoblastoma

    • Haemangioma 

    • Metastatic tumours

    • Benign liver tumours

    • Hydatid cysts 

    • Amoebic liver abscess 

    • Liver injury

    • Hepatolithiasis

Liver Specialists in Pune

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