Infectious disease treatment in Pune
Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi or Parasites

Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease Treatment in Pune

Department of Infectious Diseases, a complete solution when it comes to preventing, diagnosing, and treating all common and rare Infections including bacterial, viral, parasitic, fungal, and prions.

bacterial disease treatment in Pune


Know About Us

Why Manipal?

At Manipal Hospitals, we have state of art facilities to prevent, diagnose & treat any kind of Infectious Disease, like community-acquired infections, hospital-acquired infections, HIV & tuberculosis, transplants, and cancer-related Infections. With the expertise of an Infectious Diseases Physician who has vast knowledge and experience in the field, we are one of the very few hospitals in India that provide this service exclusively. If you experience any of these, get in touch with the Best Infectious Disease Doctors In Pune or Top HIV Hospital In Pune.

Treatment & Procedures

Advanced Diagnostics

The core of infectious disease treatment lies in the diagnostic aspect. There are several hundreds of thousands of different kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. that can cause complex combinations of symptoms. The ID specialist will run a series of tests in a particular order to eliminate possibilities in sequence. This is because some tests work…

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Infectious diseases specialist in Pune

At Manipal hospital, we have state of art facilities to prevent, diagnose & treat any kind of Infectious Disease, like community-acquired infections, hospital-acquired infections, HIV & tuberculosis, transplant, and cancer-related Infections. With the expertise of Infectious Diseases Physician who has vast knowledge and experience in the field, we are one of the very few hospitals in India who provide this service exclusively. 

  1. Department of Infectious Diseases works with the holistic approach providing comprehensive patient care for both acute and chronic infections.


Treatment for tuberculosis infecting any organ (eye, brain, heart, lungs, bone, disseminated), is provided. We provide the facilities for diagnosis & treatment for both drug-sensitive and Drug-resistant TB with utmost care according to the national recommendations. We have a team of TB specialist doctors in Pune with wide experience, we strive our best to help tuberculosis patients.

Manipal Hospital Pune has the best tuberculosis doctors in Pune who have comprehensive knowledge and training in the diagnosis and treating of a number of tuberculosis issues.

Fungal Infection

The treatment of fungal Infection of the lungs, sinuses, and any part of the body, with proper monitoring and minimal side effects, even monitoring the drug levels & toxicity wherever required is provided.

Looking for fungal infection treatment in Pune, then consult the best fungal infection doctor in Pune at Manipal Hospital Pune.

Infective Endocarditis

Infection of heart valves is called infectious endocarditis and requires prolonged antibiotic therapy. We provide the best care including the option for OPAT care once the patient improves so that he can get the complete treatment with convenience and safety.

Acute febrile illness

The treatment of any kind of fever that comes as dengue, malaria, typhoid, or any other Infection is provided

Pyrexia of unknown origin ( PUO)

PUO forms the group of fever patients in which the diagnosis has not been made as such the targeted treatment is lacking. At our department with the expertise of an Infectious Disease physician and efficient and latest diagnostic services, we diagnose and treat such patients effectively.

HIV treatment

The successful and least side effects regimen based on patient profile and the type of virus treatment of HIV is provided according to national recommendations. Also in the case of a serodiscordant couple (one partner is negative And one positive), we provide preventive health checkups, counseling, and advice to prevent further transmission.

Manipal Hospital Pune provides the best options for HIV/AIDs treatment in Pune, India.  Our multidisciplinary care team works with patients to help them make informed decisions about their treatment options, while also offering therapies to control potential side effects.

Chronic Infection

Our ID department provides efficient diagnosis and timely treatment with the well-equipped laboratory and radiology facilities at our hospital for chronic Infection involving the lungs, brain, heart, bone, kidneys, GIT, Liver, or any other organ.

Transplant and cancer-related Infection

We provide preventive health checkups, proper immunization, and treatment of Infection in special-risk people who are transplant recipients, cancer patients, patients on steroids, patients with chronic diseases, etc

Device associated Infection

When there is an Infection of any implant/ prosthetic device in situ, there is also associated biofilm formation by the microorganisms which is a dormant form of them and very difficult to eliminate. Our department provides treatment for such device-associated Infections and also if appropriate/ necessary tries the salvage the Prosthetic device (in a defined clinical setting) by different techniques including antibiotic lock therapy.

Outpatient antibiotic therapy (OPAT Care)

Patients requiring prolonged antibiotic therapy, who are otherwise stable enough to go home, can come for OPAT therapy in which the antibiotic is provided in the healthcare settings with utmost precautions and care under the guidance of an Infectious Diseases Physician, with proper monitoring of drug levels and side effects monitoring time to time, so that you can complete the treatment under supervision, though staying at your home comfort.

Infectious Diseases Physician in Pune

Facilities & Services

When it comes to managing Infectious Diseases, Manipal Hospital overcome all the challenges in the field, with the presence of Infectious Disease Physician, and the team, who take utmost care in a comprehensive patient approach

At our department, we provide treatment for all common and rare infections caused by bacteria, fungus, parasites, or viruses. 

  1. Comprehensive HIV Care

  2. Comprehensive CoVid & Post COVID Care

  3. Transplant and cancer-related Infection

  4. Outpatient antibiotic therapy (OPAT CARE)

  5. Treatment of acute fever (Dengue, malaria, typhoid,l UTI)

  6. Treatment of chronic infection, Abscess 

  7. Lung infection (pneumonia- bacterial, fungal, viral)

  8. Tuberculosis 

  9. Chronic viral hepatitis

  10. Brain infection (meningitis/encephalitis)

  11. Intestinal infection

  12. Infective Endocarditis (heart valve infection)

  13. Osteomyelitis (bone infection)

  14. Infection involving any organ of the body

  15. Adult immunization & travel advice

Manipal Hospitals endeavours to provide complete care for its patients in all aspects of healthcare. The department of infectious disease is a testament to the comprehensive care it strives to deliver. Contact us to know more about infectious diseases and to book an appointment with a specialist today.

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