Hemodynamic Evaluation of Complex Congenital Heart Diseases

Comprehensive haemodynamic evaluation is one of the most efficient diagnostic tools employed by our highly experienced doctors at Manipal Hospitals to evaluate your cardiovascular health. This method studies your blood pressure and the way your body transports oxygen in your blood to your tissues. This thorough yet complex evaluation method gives your doctors an in-depth analysis of all the components that impact your blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. 

Hemodynamic evaluation plays an important role in the diagnosis of Congestive heart failure, Congenital cardiomyopathies, Shortness of breath, Valvular heart disease, Pulmonary hypertension, and Systemic hypertension. This comprehensive method studies and analyses:

Systemic vascular resistance or vasoreactivity - reveals certain conditions that affect the diameter of your blood vessels and blood vessel constriction resulting in decreased blood flow and hypertension.

Blood volume - reveals if the volume of blood you pump is normal, you have increased volume or fluid overload caused by fluid retention, or you have decreased volume caused by fluid loss.

Inotropes - reveals how these hormone-like substances circulate through the blood and stimulate the heart muscles to increase or decrease your heart rate.

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