Pinched nerves treatment in old airport road

Pinched nerves treatment

Pinched nerves treatment in old airport road

Nerve compression, or a pinched nerve, occurs when pressure from surrounding tissues, such as bones, cartilage, muscles, or tendons, compresses a nerve.

Common Pinched Nerve Symptoms

  • Numbness in the region supplied by the nerve

  • Sharp pain that radiates outwards

  • Tingling sensation (pins and needles)

  • Muscle weakness in the affected region of the nerve

  • A feeling that the hand or foot has ‘fallen asleep’ 

Treatment for this condition depends on the cause and severity of nerve compression. A pinched nerve requires rest for a few days to a few weeks, along with over-the-counter drugs  (NSAIDs), steroids, physiotherapy, etc., to reduce the pain caused by the issue. However, if the symptoms are not alleviated despite medications, surgical interventions may be necessary to remove scar tissue or any other obstructive material that is interfering with the nerves. 

Surgical Procedures for Pinched Nerves: 

  • Diskectomy: This surgery removes the damaged portion of the disk in the spine when its soft centre pushes out through the hard posterior layer.  

  • Laminectomy: This is a minimally invasive surgery in which some portion of the lamina bone is removed to relieve pressure on the nerve.

  • Endoscopic foraminoplasty: This is the least invasive spinal surgery that can be performed and releases and frees a nerve from pressure. The area around the spinal bone near the compressed nerve is surgically expanded. The surgeon can then dilate the area and remove anything causing nerve compression.

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