Diagnostic and Therapeutic Fetospic Procedures

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Fetospic Procedures
Fetoscopy is an endoscopic procedure conducted during pregnancy to allow surgical access to the fetus, the amniotic cavity, the umbilical cord, and the fetal side of the placenta. A smal incision is made in the abdomen, and an endoscope is inserted through the abdominal wall and uterus into the amniotic cavity. The scope is introduced through a small incision on the mother's abdomen and placed into the amniotic sac through the uterus. This allows a visual assessment of any abnormalities of the fetus during pregnancy. 

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
The obstetrics department in Manipal Hospitals brings with it the promise of comprehensive services for reproductive health and wellbeing of new mothers to be. We employ the best practices and procedures to ensure mother and fetus safety. 
Fetoscopy is used for several different diseases and has been used to perform surgical procedures and collecting biopsies. The fetoscope is a hollow horn, made up of wood, plastic or metal which amplifies sound from the fetal heart through a bone construction to the doctor's ear. Hand-held Doppler is ultrasound with a transducer used to detect the fetal heart beats.

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