Dr. Vinay Shivamurthy | Patient Testimonial | Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road

Dr. Vinay Shivamurthy - Chief Veterinary Officer, Wildlife Division, Karnataka Forest Department, faced danger during a wild tusker capture amid a human-elephant conflict. Attacked by the elephant, he underwent treatment for internal bleeding in Shivamogga. The International Critical Care Air Transfer Team (ICATT) initiated ECMO before he received comprehensive care at Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road, led by experts such as Dr. Sunil Karanth, Chairman, HOD & Consultant – Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonology, Dr. Satyanarayana Mysore, HOD & Consultant - Pulmonology and Lung Transplantation, and Dr. Dheeraj A - HOD & Consultant - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Dr. Naveen Mathew Jose, Consultant – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Manipal Hospitals. With diligent rehabilitation, Dr. Vinay's recovery journey is a testament to dedicated teamwork and medical expertise. Watch this video for more information. #ManipalHospitalOldAirportRoad #YourManipal #LifesOn #Healthcare #CriticalCare