Your Immunity is your Sword

Posted On Aug 27, 2020

Dr. Ranjit Mohan

Consultant - Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases

Manipal Hospitals-Old airport Road, Bengaluru

Immunity building treatment in Bangalore

The COVID 19 is here to stay unless a vaccine is out. In the current scenario, immunity checks are going to play a major role in our battle against the virus.

How does our immune system fight against germs?

The immune system is a set of composite network of cells and proteins that protects our body from germs and infection. Our immune system is the most important line of defense against various disease-causing microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses. A strong immune system can prevent or limit infection, by destroying the causative organism quickly.

How can we boost our immunity?

In the current pandemic scenario, a healthy lifestyle – not smoking, drinking little or no alcohol, sleeping well, eating a balanced diet, regular exercising, and reducing stress are some of the most important strategies to boost our immune systems to be in the best shape possible to tackle the infection.

What is the importance of immunity checks in pandemic times?

Evidence from the recent past suggests that a strong immunity is a key factor in keeping the COVID 19 symptoms at bay. A person with good immunity is not only less susceptible to the virus, but even if infected, can recover quickly without any major complications.

Regular immunity checks are therefore a helpful tool in keeping ourselves safe in the coming months. Optimal levels of vitamin D, iron and complete blood count (CBC), and various other parameters are important factors in maintaining a healthy immune system. Measurement of these parameters will not only help a person to understand the status of their immune system but also take the necessary course of action to strengthen the same.

What is the importance of immunity checks in high-risk groups?

The high-risk group, in this case, indicates patients above 60 years of age, those with co-morbid conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, HIV, cancer, etc.

Data published by the World Health Organization prove that high-risk groups are more vulnerable to COVID-19, particularly the complications and mortality related to the virus as compared to the general population. This is because aging and chronic diseases weaken our body's immune system. Thus, a patient with diabetes needs to keep his/her sugar levels under complete control for fighting the COVID 19 successfully. Visit the infectious disease treatment hospital in Bangalore to take care of your immunity.

Manipal Vital Immune Care Check-Up

In light of the above information, The Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru has come up with 2 IMMUNITY CHECK Panels, to help patients deal with the ongoing crisis. Consult with our best Infectious disease doctor in Bangalore about the check-up.

This is a detailed evaluation, covering general and vital organ parameters such as -

• Complete Blood Count (CBC) including the white blood cells, which is usually elevated in infections

• Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), which is generally associated with inflammation in response to an injury or infection in the body

• Ferritin and Iron deficiency, associated with anemia and low immunity

• Vitamin D deficiency, associated with a higher risk of infections

• Immunoglobulin E (IgE), a type of antibody that helps to protect against microorganism

• Electrolytes values can help determine electrolyte imbalance in the body, a common condition in the elderly population due to polypharmacy

• Liver, heart, and kidney check is vital for patients suffering from chronic conditions to keep a check on disease control and preventing related complications.

General Check Diabetes Infection/Inflammation Check Immunity Check Electrolytes
CBC RBS ESR Vitamin D Sodium
    Ferritin Iron Potassium
      Total IgE Chloride


General Check Diabetes Infection/Inflammation Check Immunity Check Electrolytes Kidney Check Heart Check Liver Check
CBC RBS ESR Vitamin D Sodium Serum Keratinine Lipid Profile Liver Function Test
    Ferritin Iron Potassium   CRP  
      Total IgE Chloride      


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Dr. Ranjit Mohan

Consultant – Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases

Manipal Hospitals Bangalore – Old Airport Road