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WE CAN - Support and Care for Cancer Survivors

Posted On: Jun 06, 2020

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How We Care Support Group Can Help Cancer Survivors 

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, life gets disrupted – relationships, work, and everything else gets disturbed bringing in emotional upheavals for the patient, caregivers, and all other family members! The family experiences huge support and sympathy from one and all at this time but soon it starts going away with most people getting back to their lives.  

Cancer treatment takes a long time and can have some anxious moments too. Further, even post-treatment, the patient and family must know the do's and don’ts to reduce the chances of recurrence and to enjoy as normal a life as possible. Therefore having a good support system during and post-treatment can be very helpful and may even improve cancer outcomes! cancer specialist in Bangalore will not only treat you but guide you to be positive in life as it is the most important factor in defeating cancer.

“Patients who have good support and care after treatment tend to have better outcomes”, says Elizabeth Bouchard, MA, PhD, Associate Professor of Oncology in the USA. She continues - "What we’ve found is that peer support, which includes help and advice from other people who have had similar experiences with cancer, either as patients or caregivers, is a very helpful kind of support and an important part of a good cancer support system.”

Talking to those who are living with cancer can be both helpful and healing. “A cancer patient might feel like their friends and family don't understand what they are going through,” says Dr. Bouchard, who studies the role of social support in health care outcomes. “But in a group of other cancer patients, they have a different experience, because everyone there is dealing with the same thing. Suddenly they’re not alone.”

To provide this support, Manipal Hospitals Old Airport Road has launched “We Care” – a cancer survivors support group. Internationally, a person is called a “cancer survivor” from the time of diagnosis to her/his last breath. These cancer survivor groups in India consist of Cancer Survivors and Caregivers who will handhold and make it easier for survivors to go through their journey of cancer treatment and recovery. They will give information, answer questions, share concerns and relate to their experiences about coping with cancer and its treatment. It helps the survivor and the caregiver fight cancer better and makes it easier for them to go through the journey. Many of our patients who have taken this support at various stages have reported feeling stronger with increased levels of confidence, hope, and courage and reduced levels of fear and anxiety. Choose the top cancer hospital in Bangalore, keeping in mind the factors that will help you to stay positive throughout the journey.

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