Surgical oncology treatment in Mysore
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Surgical Oncology

Surgical oncology treatment in Mysore

Cancer is an invasive disease that can affect any system of the body. Lung, endometrial, esophageal, prostate, colon, rectal, etc., are some of the types of cancer. Some cells of the body get triggered to grow profusely, multiply, and spread to other parts of the body. Oncologists are specialized doctors who treat cancer patients. Manipal Hospital, Mysore, has a panel of specialized pulmonologists and oncologists who are trained and experienced in treating lung cancer.

Oncology hospital in Mysore


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Lung cancer is a broad term that includes non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, lung carcinoid tumors, lymphomas of the lung, etc. Here at Manipal Hospitals, Mysore, we have all the recent treatment procedures, state-of-the-art facilities, and the best oncologists who strive to provide the ultimate care to every patient. There are renowned oncologists, like medical, surgical, radiation, gynecologic, pediatric, neuro-oncologists, etc., who are highly skilled and have expertise in their units. Find a specialized oncologist for particular treatments here at the hospital. Book an appointment to have the best treatment.

Treatment & Procedures

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy…

This is a treatment for cancer in which anti-cancer drugs or chemotherapy drugs are pumped directly into the abdomen. The drugs are administered in large concentrations but are not very toxic to the body since they are not injected into the bloodstream. First, the chemotherapy drugs are heated to about 106 to 109 degrees Fahrenheit and then pumped.…

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Lung Cancer Surgery

The proliferation of cells in the lungs leads to lung cancer that may spread beyond the lung tissues to the surrounding parts of the body. Detection and treatment of such proliferation are thus important and helpful if done early. Although chemotherapy and radiation are vital procedures involved in the treatment of cancer, sometimes there is a need…

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VATS Lung Surgery

Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) is also called Pleuroscopy, thoracoscopy or thoracoscopic surgery. It is a minimally invasive type of surgery and is performed in the chest region. A thoracoscopy is used combined with a video camera attached at one end that helps the surgeon to view the entire surgery on a connected screen.

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Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery

Lesser invasive cancer surgery techniques are those that use different surgical instruments than the conventional surgical varieties. Smaller cuts are made on the body and hence lesser time is taken to recover from the surgical procedures. Some of the common minimally invasive procedures used are described as follows.

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Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Although surgery is the most effective treatment for colorectal cancer, the oncologist sometimes suggests minimally invasive procedures like removing polyps through a colonoscopy. In other cases, when cancer has affected the length of the entire colon, the colon has to be removed completely. 

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Oncology hospital in Mysore

Manipal Hospital's expert pulmonologists and oncologists are specialized, trained, and experienced in diagnosing and treating lung cancer. Visit our best hospital in Mysore to consult with the experts.

Oncology hospital in Mysore


The Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) method is employed to get a lung biopsy. A small incision is made between the ribs, and the thoracoscope is inserted to get a sample of the lung tissue. Consult with the best surgical oncology hospital in Mysore for treatment.

This is a pleural effusion drainage carried out to drain the excess fluid built up within the layers of the pleural membrane that surrounds the lungs in the chest cavity. The procedure is carried out with the help of Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS).

Mohs surgery is used to treat skin cancer and is a fine precision surgery. The skin cells are removed in a fine layer by layer till there are no more visible cancer cells. This procedure is also called microscopically controlled surgery, as the surgical oncologist carries out the procedure with microscopic precision. Consult with the experts at our top surgical oncology hospital in Mysore.

A colostomy is carried out normally in the case of colorectal cancer, rectal cancer and other cancers associated with the bowel system. A stoma or a hole is made in the abdominal wall, which is connected to the colon for the collection of waste (faeces) from the body. It is mainly done to bypass any surgically treated colon or rectal part. A colostomy bag is situated on the exterior of the abdomen to collect the faeces.

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