ICU and Critical Care

Posted On Mar 19, 2021

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Introduction about Hospital 

Manipal Hospital is the best hospital in Malleshwaram located towards the north of Bengaluru, it is an 81 bedded secondary care hospital renowned for its medical expertise in the areas of Urology, Cancer Care,  Neurosurgery, General Medicine, Nephrology, Orthopedics & Gynecological services.

The hospital has in a very short time introduced new services such as General Surgery, Renal Sciences, Medical Gastroenterology, Surgical Gastroenterology, Pediatric Surgery, Plastic surgery, Spine surgery & Hand & Reconstructive Surgery.

Manipal Hospital is one of the critical care unit hospitals in Malleshwaram Bangalore with a gamut of facilities. With the excellent success rate of the hospital, more & more people are beginning to avail the multiple benefits of facilities & amenities, close geographical proximity & an economical pattern of charges.

Our core values are built around the thought of patient-first and that each doctor at Manipal Hospitals is a human care expert, going above and beyond the call of duty as for them every single life is priceless. When they embark on these journeys, stories emerge - stories of grit, determination, and never giving up. Join us on a journey to discover stories that strengthen your belief in 'Life's On.

Icu and Critical Care

Manipal Hospital, a critical care unit hospital in Bangalore north is centered on the well-being of our patients who are in the need of an emergency. That is probably one of the main reasons why we are known to be the leading name in the field of treatments that save lives. Our hospitals boast of a very skilled and experienced team of surgeons, and specialists in the Intensive Care Unit who are well acclaimed for all their treatment techniques and diagnostics excellence during emergencies. 

Even the most challenging surgeries seem to have their end right here in the intensive care unit with our experts and their emergency treatments. Being specialized in these forms of treatment and amazing facilities in the Critical Care Unit has made our doctors and the hospital recognized and renowned. 

Not to mention that here we have a wide spectrum of treatment options available for most of the problems of all time. After getting treated, an ICU Patient can also opt for proper recovery techniques and get recovery time at home. We offer diagnosis and treatment options for different diseases and issues with the body. That is why our ICU Hospital in Bangalore is known to the people.. People who are looking forward to having sound treatment options need to contact us to know the affordable the rooms are and how much is the ICU Cost per day. 

The doctors and specialists at Manipal Hospital Malleshwaram are extremely diverse and have a wide range of expertise when it comes to Neonatal care. This expertise allows our patients to be an integral part of the technologically advanced and innovative treatment surgeries in the HDU Unit. We also have some great options for tracheostomy in the ICU Ward that is recommended by our experts. Our methods and equipment used in the different units are unparalleled and not available in any part of the country. 

The team consisting of experts will mitigate all of the risks and ensure the physical as well as mental well-being of the patients in the Medical ICU. Consisting of board-certified and fellowship-trained experts, our hospitals are definitely the safe haven for providing quality ICU Care at affordable rates. Patients will not only get state-of-the-art ICU Procedures but will also be able to relish the care and attention provided individually. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our hospital ICU Room options are one of the best in Bangalore. Not to mention that we are the leading multi-specialty healthcare providers in the county. The ICU and Critical Care department aims to provide many life-saving options for treatment and ICU Patient care. We monitor our patients all the time in order to offer them infection-safe and sterile environments. Not to mention that our highly trained specialists and therapists in the ICU are more than capable of handling emergency situations in the hospital. 

Our hospitals are staffed with a team of multi-disciplinary doctors who are always capable of administering life-saving treatment options along with so many other choices as well. We are well-equipped with different forms and branches of medicine. The hospital’s special newborn care unit, for example, is a sterilized and safe environment for newborns to receive the care and attention they need. Not to mention that there are state-of-the-art systems for monitoring every single patient. 

We help in providing the premium level of diagnostic screening that is required for our patients who are in an emergency. During a situation that is time-critical, our doctors at the Hospital's critical care department will do a preliminary diagnosis that basically puts the responsibility of each case in the hands of one specialist who is tasked with taking the treatment forward. Also, the nursing team in the ICU is specifically trained and experienced enough to respond well in an Intensive Therapy Unit environment to provide their support to patients that have immediate response times. For those who are in the need of emergency services of treatment and much more, our hospitals are definitely the right way to go. 

Critical Care Unit Options 

One of the main reasons why the Intensive Care Unit at Manipal Hospital Malleshwaram are so famous is that they are always equipped for certain specific treatment options and 24/7 services. We are prepared for different scenarios involving the patients that need to have constant monitoring and emergency surgeries and treatments. The patients here are signed emergency wards or the general wards and then moved to the ICUs when their condition is pretty serious and they are not stable. The patients are also kept under ICU Critical care ventilator. Here we have mentioned some conditions that tend to require some ICU Patient care.

  • Heart diseases
  • Lung problems
  • Blood infections
  • Drug-resistant infections
  • Brain trauma
  • Organ failure

Facilities & Services

Manipal Hospital Mallehswaram has a wide range of facilities for its patients that need round-the-clock care and attention. With amazing equipment and technological advancement, we are prepared to provide premium options of treatment to patients who are in the need of emergency surgeries and care. We are going to mention a list of amazing facilities that are provided here so that people can have a better understanding. 

  • Intensive care units for severe injuries such as road accidents and 

  • Surgical units for Intensive Care

  • High dependency unit

  • Post-anesthesia care unit

  • Cardiac monitors for measuring the heart rate and blood pressure

  • Respirators/ventilator

  • Sedatives &Anaesthetics used for severe pain

  • Defibrillators used to restart the heart

  • IV drips

  • Emergency tracheostomy that is used for respiratory emergencies

These facilities are directed towards the well-being of the patients and hence are meant to provide absolute satisfaction to those who are looking for a specialized way of getting care and attention. Looking for ICU in Malleshwaram then consult Manipal Hospitals as it is having the best critical care specialists in Malleshwaram.

ICU Facilities at Manipal Hospitals Malleshwaram, Bangalore