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Infectious Disease

Infectious Diseases Treatment In Bangalore

Addressing the challenges posed by different kinds of infections, the department of Infectious Disease at Manipal Hospitals offers comprehensive medical diagnosis and care for a broad spectrum of bacterial, viral, parasitic, fungal, protozoa and prion diseases.

Infectious Diseases Treatment In Bangalore


Know About Us

Why Manipal?

Manipal Hospitals' team of ID specialists (infectious disease specialists) diagnose and treat complex cases of infectious disease with a multidisciplinary approach. It is important to control and treat infectious diseases carefully, due to their contagious nature and severity. This is why the sterile environments along with the diagnostic and treatment facilities available to the Department of infectious disease make Manipal Hospitals a trusted and reliable hospital for infectious diseases treatment.

Treatment & Procedures

Advanced diagnostics

The core of infectious disease treatment lies in the diagnostic aspect. There are several hundreds of thousands of different kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. that can cause complex combinations of symptoms. The ID specialist will run a series of tests in a particular order to eliminate possibilities in sequence. This is because some tests work…

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It is estimated that there are 390 million cases of dengue infection globally every year. Around 4 billion people are estimated to be at risk of contracting dengue in 128 countries. There are four different types of dengue virus, which means that it is possible to be infected upto 4 times. The use of mosquito repellants, closed drains and proper disposal of garbage can reduce the risk of dengue dramatically. Rural settlements with lower incidences of plastic waste are at lower risk of contracting dengue. Manipal Hospitals' ID specialists rely on accurate diagnostics for effective treatment. Working with experts across disciplines like microbiology helps identify the exact nature and cause of symptoms as well as the correct treatment. The team works hard to control and treat diseases while maintaining lower risks of transfer of infection.

Advanced diagnostics (for complex cases)
- Blood tests
- Urine tests
- Culture testing
- Immunological (Antibody & antigen) testing
- Microscopy
- Imaging-X-Rays, ultrasound, CT, and MRI scans 

Infectious Disease Treatment in Malleswaram

Facilities & Services

Our infectious disease specialists are experienced with the diagnosis and treatment of the following illnesses when their severity is beyond the specialization of general medicine. - Osteomyelitis - Sepsis - Bacterial Infections - Fungal Infections - Viral Infections - Tropical diseases - Endocarditis - Infected pressure ulcers - Post-surgical wound infections - Cellulitis - HIV/AIDS - Hepatitis B and C Diagnostic services - Pre-international travel evaluations - Post-travel infection evaluation.

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Usually, when you first meet an ID specialist, a general medicine practitioner has already taken an accurate history and ruled out a number of infectious diseases in their diagnosis. The ID specialist prescribes a series of tests based on a primary estimate of the medical history and symptoms.

People who travel a lot (increases the risk of contracting diseases not known to the immune system), lack vaccinations, and exposed to disease-bearing insects (mosquitoes, flies, ticks, etc.), compromised or suppressed immune systems (steroid use, cancer, AIDS) are risk factors. To get rid of these, reach out to a top hospital for infectious diseases treatment in Bangalore

Infections usually result in fever, weakness, digestive distress, breathing difficulties, fatigue, and body pains. However, different diseases manifest different symptoms in a patient. Get a consultation at the best hospital to get infectious disease treatment in Bangalore.

Maintaining good hygiene and taking precautions against mosquitoes, flies and other known carriers of infectious disease can significantly reduce the risks of falling sick. Other precautions that can be taken are regular exercise and a good diet to maintain a stronger immune system.

it is always advisable to get a routine yearly health checkup that allows your doctor to detect any causes for concern.

Manipal Hospitals endeavours to provide complete care for its patients in all aspects of healthcare. The department of infectious disease is a testament to the comprehensive care it strives to deliver. Contact us to know more about infectious diseases and to book an appointment with a specialist today.

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