Pharmacy in Gurgaon
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Pharmacy in Gurgaon

Pharmacy is an integral part of the healthcare system. It is where people go to get their prescriptions filled, but it is also where they can get advice on how to take their medications and why they need them in the first place. Pharmacists specialise in providing care for people who are taking prescriptions. Our Pharmacists work closely with doctors and nursing staff to ensure patients receive proper care.

Pharmacy in Gurgaon


Know About Us

Why Manipal?

Manipal Hospitals has the most well-equipped pharmacy in Gurgaon. Pharmacists at Manipal Hospitals are the vital link between patient care and the care provided by other medical professionals. Pharmacists work with physicians to ensure that their prescriptions are safe and effective.

Pharmacists also evaluate patient charts and consult physicians about any concerns about a particular medication or treatment plan. They also assess whether a patient has allergies or other conditions that might make certain medications unsafe.

In addition to dispensing medications, pharmacists often educate about how best to use those medications to maximise effectiveness while minimising side effects. 

Pharmacy in Gurgaon

Pharmacy at Manipal Hospitals, Gurgaon

  • 24*7 Medicine Availability

Manipal Hospitals, has established a world-class pharmacy that provides medicines 24-hour pharmacy in Gurgaon to its patients. The pharmacy is open 24*7, allowing patients to get seamless medicines and medical equipment throughout the day. The OPD patients get round-the-clock access to the pharmacy and do not have to wait in queues at any time. Our pharmacists are well-qualified and trained to advise on any medicine usage, allergies and dosage.

  • 24*7 On-call Pharmacist for Advice

Manipal Hospitals offer a 24*7 on-call pharmacy service, which is available 365 days a year. Our pharmacists are qualified and provide advice on all aspects of health, including medication and medical devices. 

By providing 24*7 access to a pharmacist, Manipal Hospitals gives patients access to expert advice whenever they need it—whether before or after visiting the doctor, feeling sick at home, or even when on vacation.

  • All Prescription Medicine

The pharmacy team at Manipal Hospitals, Gurgaon, manages all prescription medicines ensuring that the hospital has a constant supply of all medicines, making it easy for patients to get their treatments on time.

The pharmacy team collaborates with doctors and ensures the right amount of each medicine in stock, allowing patients to receive their prescriptions quickly and easily without worrying about whether there will be enough in stock when they arrive.

  • 100% Genuine and Safe Medication

Manipal Hospitals has the best pharmacy in Gurgaon, focusing on providing quality healthcare. 

The pharmacy at Manipal Hospitals, Gurgaon, is known for its expertise in providing safe and genuine medicines to patients at the correct prices. Our central procurement system and experienced pharmacists ensure that every medicine we sell is 100% genuine and safe for consumption by patients.

  • Patient Education 

Pharmacists at Manipal Hospitals, Gurgaon, help patients understand the correct medicine usage, dosage and options. The Pharmacy also provides options if a patient has specific allergies or conditions. Manipal Hospitals offer a regular patient training program.

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Pharmacy in Gurgaon

Facilities & Services

Facilities at Manipal Hospitals, Gurugram

Manipal Hospitals is known for being the best Pharmacy in Gurgaon. Our facilities include:

  • 24*7 Medicine Availability

  • 24*7 On-Call Pharmacist for Advice

  • Availability of all Prescription Medicine

  • 100% Genuine and Safe Medicines

  • Patient Education Programs 

  • Knowledgeable Pharmacists

  • Quick Service

  • Multiple Payment Options

  • Safe Medicine Storage

  • Cold Storage for Vaccines Medicines

  • Computerised Access and Billing 



Drug resistance is the ability of an organism, such as a bacteria, virus, or cancer, to overcome the effects of a drug prescribed to destroy it. Manipal Hospitals is having the best pharmacy services in Gurugram, visit today.

Many vaccines require cold storage because they must be kept in a specific temperature range to retain their potency. In general, vaccines need storage between 2°C and 8°C.

  • Store medicine in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing them in the bathroom or near any heating source is optional. Also, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent light.

  • Choose a place that is not within reach for children and pets.

  • Put medicines in a childproof container.

The Pharmacists at Manipal Hospitals, Gurugram, guide patients on best practices for storing medicines at home. 

Patients should contact their doctor or Pharmacist immediately if they experience side effects after taking a medicine. It is important to tell them what symptoms they are experiencing, how long they have been experiencing them, and what medicines they have taken that may contribute to the symptoms.

Medical waste is any waste generated during treating or diagnosing patients. It must be disposed of properly to avoid contaminating the environment.

There are three main types of medical waste.

  • Infectious waste includes tissues and bodily fluids from people with infectious diseases, such as blood, blood products, and other bodily fluids. 

  • Biomedical waste includes discarded materials such as syringes, needles, bandages and dressings. 

  • Hazardous waste includes medications that are no longer useful but still contain chemicals that could harm the environment if released into the air or water supply.

Medical waste must be disposed of in a sealed container to prevent its release into the environment while it waits for disposal at an approved facility. Manipal Hospitals has an efficient Pharmacy in Gurgaon with approved best practices for waste disposal.