Evidence Based Counselling in Gurgaon

Evidence based Counselling for Pregnancy and Non Pregnancy related Conditions

Counselling For Pregnancy And Non Pregnancy

Evidence-based Counselling for Pregnancy and Non Pregnancy-related Conditions
The goal of prepregnancy care is to reduce the risk of adverse health effects for the woman, fetus, and neonate before people plan to have a baby. This is done to optimize health, address modifiable risk factors, and provide education about a healthy pregnancy.

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We believe that all those planning to initiate a pregnancy should be counselled on what to expect during this precious period, regardless of their gender. Prepregnancy counselling is appropriate whether either is currently using contraception or planning pregnancy. Because health status and risk factors can change over time, prepregnancy counselling should occur several times during a woman’s reproductive lifespan to potentially maximize her reproductive and pregnancy outcomes. Many chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, psychiatric illness, and thyroid disease can cause complications and prevent women from getting pregnant. These can be optimally managed before pregnancy.

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