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Reviewed by

Dr. Jyoti Sharma

Senior Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Manipal Hospitals, Gurugram

Physiological Changes in Women and Its Effects

Reviewed by:

Dr. Jyoti Sharma

Posted On: Nov 08, 2022

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Change is the only constant in nature and the same is true, even for the human body. Throughout life, a human grows and changes and comes across a changing environment. In the case of women, the changes in hormones and corresponding physiological responses are even more profound.

An average, healthy woman will go through more than 450 menstrual cycles in her lifetime. With each menstrual cycle, there will be changes in the hormone levels, which will lead to changes in their physiology and impact their overall mental well-being. Understanding these changes is important for everyone in order to take better care of themselves and their loved ones.

In terms of hormonal changes, while each cycle has its own role to play, one can broadly divide the hormonal changes into:


The human body starts menstruating around puberty. This marks the beginning of the fertility stage of the body. A young girl goes through multiple physical and emotional changes at the start of this change. The body starts to develop feminine features, and these are often accompanied by an overall change in the mental outlook of the person as well. The most common symptoms of concern in this stage are irregular periods, PCOS, PCOD and heavy menstrual bleeding which may lead to anaemia. Any irregularity during this stage can have serious health implications on the overall physical development and reproductive health of the person. 

Book an appointment at Manipal Hospitals and connect with our highly experienced gynecologist in Gurgaon to understand these changes and avoid health adversaries in the future.


Procreation is one of the most important gifts of human life, and motherhood is believed to be a big part of womanhood. Pregnancy is a phase in which the embryo develops into a child inside the womb. The entire body goes through a whirlpool of changes on the physical, psychological and emotional levels. There is a hormone spur, and growth spur inside the body to nourish the growing embryo. The body responds to these hormonal changes, and the organs associated undergo physiological changes. One needs to take gentle care of the pregnant person to ensure optimal pregnancy and prevent all possible complications that may arise due to nutritional deficiencies, and physical exhaustion. Nutritional deficiencies can lead to various developmental and congenital disorders in the embryo and hence, proper care under medical guidance is important. Experienced gynecologists and diagnostics experts at Manipal Hospitals, Gurugram help take the best care in pregnancy and ensure a smooth transition for women into motherhood. 

Post Pregnancy

While pregnancy in itself is a whirlwind of emotional, hormonal and physiological changes in the life of a woman, so is the period post-pregnancy. The body recovers from postpartum stress, both physical and emotional. Along with that, the mother’s body needs to produce milk for the nourishment of the newborn baby. These physiological changes in the body are promoted and supported by hormonal changes in the body. Visit Manipal Hospitals, the gynecology hospital in Gurugram for the best treatment.


Menopause is the umbrella term for the hormonal changes and associated physical changes that a woman goes through towards the end of her fertility stage. The egg count lowers, the menstrual cycle becomes less frequent and then ceases completely. This is another phase in the life of women which can span anywhere from six months to a couple of years. Menopause is associated with a drop in hormone levels responsible for fertility, and changes in the libido and drive. The body loses femininity and some may develop bone weakness too. One needs to take good care of their diet and physical activity for body health and optimal function as ageing is a common factor for many other ailments. 

At Manipal Hospitals Gurugram, we have the best obstetrics and gynecology experts to help you take care of all your health concerns throughout life. Consult our medical experts for the best medical advice and optimum treatment plans customized to suit your health needs. We invite you to read our blogs for reliable information on various diseases, ways to avert them, and treatment options available for them.

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