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Dr. Manmohan Singh Chauhan

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Busting The Myths of CABG (Bypass Surgery)

Posted On: Mar 21, 2023

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When the arteries supplying the heart have multiple blockages as a result of cholesterol and calcium deposition, CABG (bypass surgery) is the preferred mode of treatment. Without removing or cutting any clogged arteries, a new path is created on a beating heart for the blood to reach the heart muscles which otherwise had been working continuously with very little blood supply. This is done to maintain appropriate blood circulation, which is impeded by some blockages in the arteries of the heart, and to restore the heart's smooth operation. 

This is done to:

  • Bring relief from angina.

  • Protect from subsequent myocardial infarction/ heart failure/ sudden cardiac death.

  • Increase LV function.

  • Increase the patient’s performance index.

People are afraid of bypass surgery because of many myths associated with the procedure. In order to get the finest treatment or bypass surgery done, visit the best cardiothoracic surgery sospital in Gurgaon.

In this article we will try to provide correct information about the procedure and bust the myths. These myths include:

  • CABG is a risky and life-threatening procedure

Any surgery where you have to go under the knife comes with its own risks. But to label, a bypass surgery outright risky and life-threatening is not justified. There was a time when a bypass surgery was considered risky, but with technological advancements, and improved surgical and anesthesia techniques, it is now a low-risk procedure. In expert hands, the success rate is more than 99 percent.

  • Sternotomy is a mutilating procedure and involves a lot of post-operative pain and complications

Sternotomy provides the surgeon with very neat and safe access to the patient’s heart. It guarantees easy access to all the coronaries and hence ensures the best postoperative outcomes. A midline sternotomy with a good closure technique gives an uncomplicated and pain-free post-surgical experience and we at Manipal hospital Gurugram mobilize the patient on postoperative day 2. Our experience with sternotomy wound healing has been very encouraging as after 4 days we do not advise any wound dressing. We also do surgeries with minimally invasive techniques which spare the central chest bone (sternum) and access to the heart is gained from the left side of the chest in between the ribs. By this technique, we are able to send the patient home in under 3 days promising a very early resumption of work and routine activity.

  • Stents are safer than bypass surgery

Stents may look tempting because of the lesser degree of invasiveness involved with the procedure, but placing stents is not advisable in every case. Bypass surgery is the preferred mode of treatment when multiple vessels are blocked, left main disease, ostial LAD, Diffuse/calcified coronary disease, poor heart function, Diabetics, and Chronic kidney disease. CABG has proved to be the best method for providing long-term relief from symptoms and promises the least chances of re-intervention and re-hospitalization.

  • The grafts or conduits used in bypass surgery can develop blockages

At Manipal hospital Gurugram we are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible grafting technique like total arterial (LIMA-RIMA Y) bypass grafting. We harvest veins by minimally invasive technique. The choice of the graft may vary from patient to patient.  Patency rates of arterial grafts reach around 25-30 years.

  • Bypass surgery makes you weak and you can no longer do your work like before

This is a myth. We at Manipal Hospital Gurugram promote early weaning from the ventilator (within a few hours after surgery), early mobilization, and discharge within 4 days after surgery. The initial four to six weeks are important for complete recovery from CABG. Once this time is over one can actually lead an absolutely normal life. CABG is done to increase life expectancy and help one live a healthy life. Most people return to their normal life within three months of the surgery. 

At Manipal Hospitals, we have the best cardiothoracic vascular surgeons in Gurgaon who can guide you well about the disease, treatment options, and post-procedure care. Read more about heart care in our blogs. Get the most reliable information about heart diseases, their treatment, and more from our cardiac specialists. Listen to our podcast and gather all the latest developments happening in the medical world. Connect with us to book an appointment or to know more about the health check-up packages.

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