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Dr. Jagannath Kulkarni

Consultant - Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgery

Manipal Hospitals, Goa

Tummy Tuck: Latest Trend in Cosmetic Surgery

Posted On: May 25, 2022

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Bariatric Surgery in Goa

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Also called abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck surgery is performed to remove the excess skin and fat from the tummy region while providing a smoother and firmer Musculature for a better abdominal profile. This procedure primarily targets stubborn belly fat and excess skin in people who are, otherwise, of a healthy weight. Apart from removing fat and loose, excess skin and tightening weak fascia, a tummy tuck procedure also removes stretch marks in the lower abdomen, right below the belly button. 

In addition, a tummy tuck procedure can also be performed in combination with various other body contouring cosmetic procedures, including breast surgeries. Moreover, a person who has undergone liposuction may decide to opt for a tummy tuck procedure as liposuction only removes fat and tissue under the skin but not any excess skin. 

Is Tummy Tuck a Weight Loss Surgery?

As a tummy tuck procedure is primarily performed to remove excess skin and fat (which can be belly bulges in some people), it is considerably different from a weight loss surgery. Unlike weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery which is performed to improve the health of a person, tummy tuck surgery is a purely cosmetic procedure. The procedure basically helps shape and tone the abdomen by removing the excess skin and fat in the abdomen. Moreover, a weight loss procedure is usually recommended for people who are morbidly obese. Such candidates do not benefit from an abdominoplasty. Book an appointment with Manipal Hospital for bariatric surgery in Goa.

How is a Tummy Tuck Procedure Performed?

  • A tummy tuck procedure is generally performed under general anaesthesia. 

  • The surgeon will begin by making a horizontal incision either within or above the pubic area and below the bikini line. In some cases, a second incision is also made around the belly button. 

  • They will then separate the underlying tissue and skin from the muscles right up to the bottom of the sternum and possibly over the rib cage before lifting the skin for repairing and tightening the underlying abdominal muscles. 

  • Once the muscle is repaired, the upper abdominal skin is pulled down and the pelvic tissue, including the vulva, is pulled up, thus creating tighter abdominal skin when sitting.

  • In the midline, a new opening for the belly button is created and anchored to the abdominal wall, which is followed by the removal of excess fat from the skin around the newly created belly button opening.

  • The excess abdominal skin is properly trimmed after which, the remaining skin is smoothed and the incision site is sutured closed.

Who is Eligible for an Abdominoplasty?

An abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck procedure is suitable for both healthy men and women. Moreover, women who have had multiple pregnancies may benefit massively from the tummy tuck procedure as it is found to be useful for reducing saggy skin and tightening abdominal muscles. Tummy tuck in Goa is available for both men and women at Manipal Hospitals.

While abdominoplasty is usually considered safe and carries negligible risks, owing to its minimally invasive nature, a doctor might recommend against it if you:

  • Want to lose a significant amount of weight

  • Might want to consider pregnancy soon

  • Have a chronic condition, such as diabetes or heart disease

  • Have undergone an abdominal surgery previously that resulted in the formation of significant scar tissue

The team of bariatric surgeons in Goa at Manipal Hospitals work with specialists from multiple disciplines to give patients comprehensive care. The surgical team is equipped with the latest real-time imaging technology and advanced surgical equipment, giving them the capacity to perform all bariatric procedures effectively. Minimally invasive surgery is very common in bariatric surgery.

Dr. Jagannath Kulkarni

Consultant - Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgery

Manipal Hospital - Goa

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