Spine Surgery: Facts and Myths

Posted On Aug 12, 2022

Dr. Sunny Kamat

Consultant - Spine Orthopedic Surgeon

Manipal Hospitals-Goa

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Most individuals are terrified just by the thought of having spine surgery. It is due to the myths that surround the procedures and the facts that are twisted. Spine surgery is the most common surgery and a safe option with a high success rate.

The spine is basically the structure that supports our back. Spine disorders are not only painful, but they also affect a person's physical stability and quality of life if not treated on time. Several patients tend to ignore the symptoms and related causes of the disorder. Hence, if someone is facing spine-related issues that are mainly characterized by pain and discomfort for a long time, they should immediately look for appropriate treatment and medications.

Spine surgery has helped patients regain their lifestyle and carry out their daily activities without any pain. Surgery is considered the last choice, and most of physical examinations and related treatments are recommended as per the evaluation of the symptoms.

Spine surgery has gained popularity for its effectiveness and successful outcomes. But still, there are various misconceptions concerning spine surgery that need to be resolved so that people can make appropriate decisions and eliminate their false beliefs to improve their quality of life. Book an appointment at our Spine Surgery Hospital in Goa to have the best treatment. Some of the myths and facts regarding spine surgery are illustrated below:

Myth: Surgery is considered important if the person has damaged discs

Fact: Most people have herniated discs, considered a common spinal condition. The most common belief is that the person should undergo surgery to fix the issue. Although this fact is not true, many people have experienced relief from back pain by adopting non-surgical methods involving physiotherapy and low-key exercises. These are the initial course of treatment, and the patients have shown positive outcomes after completing treatment.

Myth: Surgery can provide complete relief from pain

Fact: Spine surgery has shown a successful outcome in correcting spine-related disorders by restoring the spine's functioning and reducing back pain. Still, surgeries do not provide complete relief from pain and is not capable of fixing the problems entirely. Some parameters like maintaining healthy body weight, living a healthy and active life, and eating a balanced diet must be followed. 

Myth: Because spine surgery has serious consequences, it is not worth the risk

Fact: Spine surgery may result in some major risks and side effects for the patient, just like any other surgical process. The most common types of risks include blood clots, infection, weakness, and bleeding. But these risks are not so severe. In today’s era, most surgeries are minimally invasive, resulting into minor side effects. This minor side effect does not last for more than a week, so the recovery takes place at the earliest. The side effects are managed effectively by the pain management medications. Hence, the patients are relaxed and do not worry about the outcome.

Myth: The patient will undoubtedly require surgery if they visit the spine specialist

Fact: The spine-related issues require a visit to an orthopedic doctor, and he/she will recommend the patient to visit a spine specialist for better diagnosis and treatment. This recommendation depends upon the severity of the symptoms of spine injury or any other spine-related issue. It does not always mean that the patient has to undergo surgery. In some cases, the doctors refer the patient to talk to the surgeon to understand the perspective of the condition. Surgery is recommended only in severe cases if other medications and therapies fail to show improvement. Consult with the Spine surgeon in Goa to have more clarity on the treatment procedure.

Myth: Once the patient has had surgery, they will soon require another one

Fact: If the patient has undergone spine surgery once, it is not always necessary that they will undergo another surgery in the future also. In most cases, patients undergo spine surgery only once, along with a post-operative guideline that is followed by the patient sincerely. These guidelines are recommended for people to undergo mild exercises and make important modifications in their lifestyle for faster recovery.

Dr. Sunny Kamat

Consultant - Spine Specialist

Manipal Hospitals, Goa

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