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Paediatric Emergency services

Paediatric Emergency Services

Paediatric Emergency services
It is natural for children to fall ill or to sustain injuries from falls when they are playing. However, when the illness or fall is a threat to their safety, they need skilled emergency care to save their life.
A paediatric emergency is hence defined as a serious condition that threatens the life of an infant, child, teen, or young adult, who may then require immediate medical attention. 
The most common of paediatric emergencies are acute medical problems, such as persistent high fever causing febrile seizures or convulsions, dehydration, severe allergic reactions, choking or breathing difficulties, and other major injuries, such as fractures, head injuries, injuries from road accidents and so on. 

Why choose Manipals Hospitals
Our Paediatric Emergency services is one of the comprehensive disciplines that boasts of premium quick response facilities to address the most challenging of emergencies in children of all age groups, including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in very small children. 
Our Emergency Paediatric Physicians are the best in the medical world, who are adept in handling all paediatric emergencies.  Most of the time, they begin by using the Paediatric Assessment Triangle (PAT) to perform a systematic paediatric cardiopulmonary assessment to prescribe the most effective line of emergency treatment.

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