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Top Five FAQs On High-Risk Pregnancies

Posted On: Feb 06, 2023

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1. What do you mean by High-Risk Pregnancies?

A pregnancy may be deemed high risk if there are possible problems that could harm you, your unborn child, or both. To guarantee the greatest outcome for both the mother and the child, some circumstances necessitate specific involvement from experts and specialists. Preexisting conditions or unforeseen illnesses can complicate pregnancy, putting both you and your unborn child in danger.

2. What are the Factors that may Cause High-Risk Pregnancy?

A medical issue that existed prior to becoming pregnant can occasionally cause a high-risk pregnancy. In some situations, a pregnancy may become high risk due to a medical problem that manifests itself while you are pregnant. Specifically, the following are some common factors that may increase the chance of high-risk pregnancy:

  • Age of Women

Pregnancy for women over 35 has a higher risk of developing complications.

  • Choices of Lifestyle

Pregnancy risk factors include consuming illegal substances, drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes.

  • Obstetrical Health Issues

Pregnancy risks can be raised by conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, epilepsy, thyroid disease, blood or heart conditions, poorly controlled asthma, and infections.

  • Several Pregnancies

Women bearing multiple fetuses have increased pregnancy risks.

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3. How can I go about Encouraging a Healthy Pregnancy?

Stick to the fundamentals whether you're attempting to avoid a high-risk pregnancy because you know in advance that you'll have one or because you just want to. For instance:

  • A Preconception Appointment should be Made

Consult with your doctor if you're considering getting pregnant. Before getting pregnant, your doctor could advise you to start taking a daily prenatal vitamin containing folic acid and lose weight. Your medical condition may need that your therapy to be changed in order to accommodate pregnancy. Your doctor may also talk to you about the possibility of having a child who has a genetic disorder.

  • Look for Routine Prenatal Treatment

Your doctor can keep an eye on both your and your unborn child's health with the help of prenatal checkups. A specialist in genetics, pediatrics, maternal-fetal medicine or another field could be recommended to you.

  • Quit Smoking if you do

Both alcohol and illicit substances are forbidden. You should discuss any medications or dietary supplements you are taking with your healthcare physician.

4. Are there any Alarming Symptoms that should be reported right away to a Professional?

If you experience vaginal bleeding, atypical vaginal discharge, a persistent headache, lower abdominal pain or cramping, decreased fetal activity, fever, dizziness, vomiting, difficult urination, or swelling in the face, hands, or fingers, you should see a doctor at the best obstetrics and gynaecology hospital in Ghaziabad. Do not ignore any of these symptoms.

5. What Tests should I go for if I have High-Risk Pregnancy?

If your pregnancy is high-risk, you might require additional monitoring all during your pregnancy. The following tests could be performed to check on both your and the fetus's health:

  • Checking for genetic disorders or specific congenital conditions using blood and urine tests (birth defects).

  • Congenital diseases can be screened for using ultrasonography, which employs sound waves to produce images of the fetus.

  • A biophysical profile, which uses ultrasound to track the fetus's breathing, movements, and amniotic fluid, as well as a non-stress test, are two examples of monitoring to make sure the child is getting enough oxygen.

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