The Importance Of Golden Hour After An Accident: Do’s and Don'ts

Posted On Oct 20, 2022

Accident and emergency care in Ghaziabad

The Golden Hour is the crucial period following a traumatic accident, fall, or injury during which immediate and necessary medical attention can increase the chances of survival for the victim. Do you know that most accident cases that result in fatalities can be averted? Yes, if the victim is provided professional medical attention in the golden hour, the chances of his/her survival increase multi-folds. This golden hour is the first hour following an accident. 

During the first hour, the objective is to stop bleeding, help the patient breathe, call for help and arrange for an ambulance to take the victim to the nearest medical center where a qualified professional could begin the treatment. Visit Manipal Hospitals, the best emergency care hospital in Ghaziabad.

How To Help An Accident Victim And What To Do In Golden Hour 

  • Ensure Your Safety

When approaching an accident scene to help the victim, one must ensure its safety first. Fuel spillage, fire in the vehicle or risk of fire may cause additional casualties.

  • Arrange Help and Take a Decision

Check the victim if he/she is conscious or unconscious, evaluate their condition and arrange for help. Contact emergency services, be clear while informing them about the number of victims at the site, the condition of the patient, blood loss, location, and nearby landmarks.

  • Don’t Panic, Stay Calm

If the victim is conscious, you must assure him/her that help is on the way and ask about their condition so that you can help them better. Our best doctors in Ghaziabad are well-experienced to take care of such emergency situations.

  • Remove Tight Clothing

If the victim is not able to breathe try loosening or removing the tight clothing so that the victim can breathe properly. Do not surround the victim. 

  • Try to Stop the Bleeding

If the victim is bleeding profusely, tightly wrap the bleeding body part to stop blood loss. Use a clean cloth if you can arrange one at that moment. 

  • Cover the Open Wound

Use a clean cloth to cover the wound. Try to wrap it tightly and in case of a fracture, aim to immobilize the body part by tying it with a wooden stick or any hard material that could be found at that time.  

  • Avoid Giving Food or Water

Do not offer food or water to the semi-conscious or unconscious victim. The chances are that he/she might choke on it. If the victim is conscious and asks for water then you may offer, but ensure that they are not lying down. Help them sit as it reduces the chances of choking. 

  • Shift the Patient to a Safe Area

Evaluate the victim’s situation and if possible try to relocate the patient from the middle of the road to a safer place probably by the roadside. 

  • Try To Keep The Victim Warm

The chances of dropping blood pressure are high post-traumatic experience. If you observe that the victim is cold, try to cover him, and rub his hands and feet to keep them warm. 

Commonly reported injuries in most road accidents are head injuries, spine injuries, fractures, and heart attacks. It is essential to take the victim to a trauma care hospital that is well-equipped to offer immediate medical attention 24/7. A wrong decision in selecting the hospital will delay the treatment that must be provided in the golden hour else it may increase complications, and blood loss, and may cause fatalities in some cases. Manipal Hospitals has the best neurosurgeons, heart surgeons, and spine doctors in Ghaziabad along with a highly advanced infrastructure to offer immediate medical care to any accident victim. 

Manipal Hospitals always proactively responds to emergency calls through its well-equipped ambulance (MARS) and trained paramedical staff. MARS is Manipal Ambulance Response Service that aims to offer 360-degree pre-hospital care during the golden hour. Our ambulances have critical life-saving equipment like ECG machines, ventilators/defibrillators, monitors, and other equipment to stabilize the patient till he/she reaches the hospital. Our ambulance is accompanied by highly trained paramedical staff. The following are some salient features of MARS:

  • 24/7 support

  • Well Equipped with emergency drugs, equipment, and competent paramedical staff

  • Advanced cardiac life support and basic life support ambulances

  • Live video streaming from ambulance to Manipal Hospitals 

  • Vehicle tracking system through GPRS

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