7 Tips For Planning Your Pregnancy

Posted On Oct 31, 2022


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Pregnancy is one of the most life-changing and transformational phases of anyone’s life. The feeling of growing and nurturing a life within your own being and becoming a parent is life-changing. Pregnancy can be a beautiful phase if planned correctly and supported with optimal care. While this journey can be overwhelming for some, we have some great health tips to help you navigate your special journey with ease. Visit Manipal Hospitals, and discuss your concerns related to pregnancy with our best gynaecologists in Ghaziabad.  

Planning Your Pregnancy

The first and foremost part of pregnancy is planning your journey. Develop an understanding of the challenges that come with pregnancy and figure out if you and your partner are ready to take them. The preparedness is on both mental and physical levels. While each pregnancy is unique and presents its own challenges and miracles, it is best to be mentally prepared. Consulting an experienced gynaecologist for proper direction and guidance can help bring in the right kind of preparedness. Preparing oneself is a good way forward. 

The Right Age

Every day is a good day if you decide it to be so. 

The right attitude and preparedness make room for the right circumstances. While there are belief systems about healthy pregnancy and associated ages, you can plan your way to parenthood even at 40. Family planning often takes a back seat in the case of women who may not be able to invest the time required for embracing motherhood. There could be multiple reasons for the same. Consulting our top obstetrics and gynaecology experts can help you find your ideal way towards navigating through pregnancy. 

Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby

There are numerous myths and age-old beliefs about a healthy pregnancy going hand in hand with excessive weight gain. While some people may experience weight gain, it does not always have to be the case. Managing a healthy BMI during pregnancy is important for the development of the baby and well being of the expectant mother. For those struggling with morning sickness, water can be beneficial. If you do not like plain water, experiment with adding citrus fruits to your water, with added health benefits. Fruit-infused water is an excellent way to reduce bloating and nausea which are some of the most common symptoms of the first trimester. 

Snooze It Mamma!

Keeping glued to the screen for work and entertainment may have become the norm today, but everyone needs rest. Our eyes too. Sleep cycles play an important role in maintaining the optimum hormone levels inside the body which support general health and pregnancy too. An impaired sleep cycle can prove detrimental to the well-being of the mother and hamper the development of the child.  Ensuring a sleep routine and maintaining a healthy sleep cycle is a must for expectant mothers to ensure the best health for themselves and the development of their unborn child. 


There are myths about exercise during pregnancy, but a moderate amount of body movement and flexibility can be very helpful for expectant mothers. Certain exercises are even advised by doctors for expectant mothers to ensure the health of the mother and child. Breathing exercises, Prenatal Yoga, and Kegel Exercises are some of the most common exercises people opt-in for. Consult your doctor before doing any heavy workout or strenuous exercise for possible chances of complications. To know more, visit our gynaecology hospital in Ghaziabad.

Food For Thought

Food and nourishment are of prime importance when there is a growing baby inside you. The body needs good nourishment with ample macro and micronutrients for the best development of the child. Any deficiency in this phase can lead to severe congenital deformities in the child. The mother should be given a diet rich in vitamins and minerals apart from her usual dietary intake of proteins and carbohydrates. Health supplements may be recommended by the physician on a need basis in case there are symptoms of deficiency or if the diet falls short of RDA for the expectant person. 

Happy Mommy, Happy Baby

Mental health is an important aspect of well-being in general. Stress management is another important aspect of managing and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can take a toll on the mental health of the expectant mother. Mood swings could be more violent and one may slip into bouts of depression or anxiety. Hypertension during pregnancy can be detrimental to the health of the mother and child. Therefore, stress management and activities to calm the mind like meditation may be adopted. In general, maintaining a congenial environment around the mother is beneficial for the growth and development of the baby. 

When you wish to expand your family, there are several things to consider. A little preparation, awareness and mindful decisions related to your lifestyle can make your pregnancy journey safe. Get in touch with our highly experienced gynaecologists in Ghaziabad to plan your journey or get your concerns related to pregnancy answered by the experts.

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