Neonatology in Yeshwanthpur

What is Neonatology?

The word neonate refers to newborns, especially newborns under the age of four weeks. This is a period in the infant's life when events such as feeding routines are formed and the newborn is more vulnerable to fatal illnesses.

As a neonate, the newborn goes through various changes as it learns to adjust to extra-uterine life and its physiological systems. The lungs and immune system are still developing and require further protection from potential sources of infection.

To care for such newborn infants, a subfield of paediatrics known as Neonatology has emerged, which deals with the healthcare of infants less than four weeks old, particularly those born prematurely, with low birth weight, preterm birth, congenital abnormalities, or who are ill and require hospitalization. Neonatology in Yeshwanthpur is available at Manipal Hospitals, visit today.

Who Needs Neonatal Treatment?

Neonatologists are experts in diagnosing and treating major medical disorders in infants. Neonatologists employ equipment intended particularly for babies. Consult a neonatologist for the following reasons,

  • If the kid was born prematurely

  • If the infant gets very unwell or sick after birth

  • If the infant was born with low birth weight

  • If the kid has pulmonary hypoplasia or incorrect lung development

  • If the infant suffers from birth asphyxia, long-term oxygen deprivation can cause brain damage.

  • Formation of congenital abnormalities, in other terms, a neonatal birth defect

  • If the infant gets sepsis after birth, which is a potentially fatal illness.

When is a Neonatologist Needed?

Neonatal examinations are performed on neonates who have experienced a high-risk delivery. The following complications need the assistance of a neonatologist,

  • The respiratory or digestive systems are underdeveloped or dysfunctional.

  • Premature birth

  • Perinatal asphyxia is defined as a shortage of oxygen in the newborn during delivery.

In any of the circumstances listed above, neonatologists collaborate with other healthcare experts to offer complete medical treatment for the baby. Book an appointment at our multi-speciality hospital today.

The Benefits of Consulting a Neonatologist

The following are some of the advantages of neonatology,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of neonatal issues such as congenital impairments, infections, and breathing difficulties

  • Careful coordination and medical management of prematurely born babies

  • Providing sufficient nourishment to severely ill neonates

  • Assisting with caesarean or high-risk births which have a high risk of problems impacting the mother's and her child's health.

  • Offering medicine in the birth room in the case that threatens the infant's health

  • Stabilising and efficiently treating neonates with life-threatening medical problems.


A neonatologist can perform different types of diagnostic and screening tests including,

  • APGAR Score

Activity, heart rate, reflexes or irritability, skin colour, and breathing problem assessed on a scale of one to ten, with ten being an ideal score.

  • General Health Tests

Weight and height assessment, body temperature, blood pressure screening, blood oxygen levels and other critical signs.

  • Imaging Test

X-rays, CT scans, echocardiograms EKGs, magnetic resonance imaging MRI and ultrasounds.

  • Laboratory Tests

Urinalysis, Complete Blood Count (CBC), blood glucose test, blood chemistry tests, blood cultures, lumbar puncture, and kidney and liver operation examinations.

  • Newborn Screening Tests

Genetic disorders and metabolic disorders, vision and hearing tests.

After examining the test results, neonatologists undertake different surgeries and therapies to manage the health of newborns. Neonatologists also consult with other healthcare providers to offer the best treatment available.

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